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Powered Services for MSPs

Built by MSPs for MSPs

We know from experience that converting prospects into high-value managed service leads is a tough job. Without the right sales and marketing tools, even the most-skilled MSPs struggle to grow monthly recurring revenue (MRR). The Powered Services program is designed to change that.

Whether you’re a one-person shop or have a fleet of sales and marketing professionals, our marketing materials and success coaching can help you overcome sales objections and earn new business.

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Marketing Content Services

Ready-to-Go Marketing Campaigns

Most channel programs hand you templates that you must populate on your own. But not us! We understand you need fully fleshed-out campaigns, ready to be branded with your logo and launched. Powered Services is your partner in going to market with new technologies and closing deals. From monthly integrated marketing campaigns to sales coaching, exclusive compliance training and access to industry experts, we equip you with everything you need to thrive.

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Two Plans: Jumpstart vs. Powered Services Pro

Enjoy select Kaseya Product marketing Jumpstart kits at NO additional cost to you. That’s right! If you’re already a Kaseya customer you’re entitled to free marketing Jumpstart resources that helps take your solutions to market in a jiffy. However, if you are looking at more robust and comprehensive ongoing sales and marketing support, upgrade to Powered Services Pro.

Sales Sheets1 SetUnlimited
Email Templates1 SetUnlimited
Infographics1 SetUnlimited
PowerPoints / Webinar Decks1 SetUnlimited
Social Graphics24 Images & 1 CampaignUnlimited
Product Sales TrainingIncludedIncluded
Source Files with Color Options
Product Briefs
Monthly Campaign Kits for Security, Compliance, and Backup*
Weekly Coaching Calls
Exclusive Content & VerticalSpecific Content
Lead Accelerator
Quarterly Sales & Marketing Training for All Employees
Goal Assist Coaching
Jumpstart Your Marketing Go Pro

Unlimited = We are creating new materials quarterly and you will always receive access to them all.
*You must own a product in that category to receive access to that campaign and materials.

Goal Assist Services

Training & 1:1 Coaching

Learn from Sales & Marketing industry experts at interactive workshops. Harness exclusive compliance enablement tracks to go-to-market with a compliance offering. Get the 1:1 coaching needed to close new business. All this and more are available to you in Powered Services Pro.

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Driving Meaningful Results for MSPs

Close content marketing gaps with Powered Services Pro. Learn how Vivitec LLC used a single prewritten email to generate $200,000 in MRR over the course of a couple months.

Sales & Marketing Insights for MSPs

Get actionable advice you can implement to turn cold leads into paying customers.

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