Datto Networking and VSA: Your Shortcut to Smarter Networks

Your network management challenges are now a thing of the past. In keeping with our commitment to deliver world-class integrations across solutions in the Kaseya ecosystem, we’re excited to add the integration between VSA 10 and Datto networking solutions to the mix.

This integration benefits managed service providers (MSPs) and small to midsize businesses (SMBs) by providing them with a more streamlined and effective approach to network management. Users can seamlessly oversee both the hardware and software aspects of Datto networking solutions from VSA, allowing for greater control over their environments.

Technicians can swiftly pinpoint and address issues from within VSA, saving valuable time and resources. Manually managing networks and switching between solutions to do so are now a thing of the past.

The synergy between VSA and Datto networking products

Datto’s networking solutions, like routers, switches and access points, are synonymous with reliability, performance, ease of use and efficiency. Users get access to capabilities and customer service that are typically associated with enterprise-grade networking solutions at a price that is easy on the wallet.

When integrated with VSA, a unified RMM that is consistently pushing the envelope on what an RMM can do, the possibilities are endless. We call VSA unified because it is a four-in-one tool that combines powerful remote control, software/patch management, executive reporting and endpoint monitoring into a single, easy-to-use solution.

The integration between VSA and Datto’s networking solutions, which are considered the best in the industry, promises to make discovering, deploying and managing networks effortless and cost-effective for technicians. While SMBs can impress their end users with consistent uptime and exceptional performance, MSPs can deliver high-quality managed networking services in a way that will give them a competitive edge and boost profitability.

Your one-stop network console

Managing networks is a colossal task for which technicians conventionally use a network management tool. Syncing these solutions with an RMM is frustrating and time-consuming, to say the least. The integration is poor, and juggling two solutions to solve a simple network problem is almost always counterproductive. Since inefficiency abounds, the risk of errors increases as well.

The critical integration between VSA and Datto networking tools allows technicians to monitor and manage all their Datto networking devices from one single, centralized console, eliminating the need to juggle multiple tools. Additionally, technicians get a comprehensive view of their entire IT infrastructure, allowing them to identify and troubleshoot any issue in their managed environment quickly.

Let’s say, for example, suppose a technician or support staff member receives an alert for a slow network on VSA. Right from VSA, they can then zoom into the device associated with the RMM agent that triggered the alert and get a full readout on the device. Again, without leaving VSA, technicians can also examine the switchboard or router the device in question is connected to to determine if it’s a larger issue. The entire process takes only a few clicks, and issues are resolved within minutes. Technicians can utilize the power of automation in VSA to begin auto-remediating everyday network problems that distract them from completing important tasks.

Once integrated, technicians can even unlock management functions for Datto networking devices in VSA to resolve issues like remotely resetting an access point, unblocking a wireless client or resetting a switch port faster.

What are the benefits?

Here are the top benefits of VSA’s integration with Datto’s networking solutions.

  • Boost productivity: By tackling networking issues right within VSA, technicians do not have to switch between solutions. They can address issues faster and save valuable time.
  • Get complete visibility: VSA gives technicians a comprehensive view of the IT environment, including details of all the networking devices. It allows them to address not only the issues for which a ticket is raised but also identify and address any underlying problem.
  • Seamless integration: Since both products are from the same Kaseya family, the integration is seamless. You won’t have to worry about a glitchy integration that hinders network maintenance or impacts performance.
  • Troubleshoot issues faster: Accessing network devices from within VSA and auto-remediating common issues reduces manual labor, resulting in faster problem resolution. Additionally, automated network monitoring can help identify security threats faster and more accurately than manual monitoring. This, in turn, can prevent costly data breaches and other network-related issues.
  • More uptime: Seamless integration empowers you to manage networks more efficiently and address issues before they snowball into bigger problems. A well-maintained network leads to fewer glitches, higher performance and provides more uptime.
  • Superior customer service: The integration is especially beneficial to MSPs who can differentiate their managed network services by providing clients with more uptime and quick issue resolution. By adding managed network services to the roster, MSPs can even explore unlocking a new revenue stream.
  • Cost savings: The integration also helps to reduce the cost of network management, as technicians no longer need to monitor the network manually.

Experience the power of VSA and Datto Networking integration

The integration between VSA and Datto networking solutions will make building and managing your networks unbelievably easy. You no longer have to juggle multiple tools or fret over making tools from different vendors grudgingly integrate. With centralized access to all your on-premise and remote devices on a single console, you can start focusing on strengthening, securing and improving your network performance rather than spending time on putting out little fires.

Since you don’t have to invest in additional hardware, the burden on your wallet will also get lighter. To see how VSA and Datto networking can ease the pain of managing your network, get a free, personalized demo of VSA today.

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