Your Success is Our #1 Priority

Over the years, we’ve heard our partners’ calls for greater flexibility from their vendors to support them in adapting to changes in technology and in the fundamentals of their business. And we want you to know...

We're Listening... and We're Responding

Kaseya’s Partner First Pledge aims to ensure our MSP and Internal IT partners are the most empowered and successful in the world. Our success is directly tied to the success of partners who need to cover every aspect of IT & Security management despite small teams, limited budgets, and an ever-expanding set of demands.

Kaseya’s Partner First program is designed to share both the success and risk our partners experience. This first-of-its-kind program provides unparalleled flexibility and demonstrates that the profitability, performance, and success of our partners is our top priority.

Innovation That Drives Competitiveness

We are committed to fueling our partners’ success with relentless INNOVATION. That’s why development efforts for our products, platform, and policies are focused on increasing efficiency, profitability, capabilities and competitiveness rather than simply adding new features.

Kaseya 365

Unveiled at Connect IT Global in Las Vegas on April 30, 2024, Kaseya 365 is the world's first and only comprehensive solution for managing, securing, backing up, and automating ALL endpoints under a single, low-price subscription. A decade in development, Kaseya 365 is set to transform endpoint management forever.

Seamless Workflow Automations

We are committed to continuously improving efficiency and reducing errors for our customers by enabling them with seamless automations across the IT Complete platform. Over 1,500 automations have been deployed to date, with an additional 50-100 planned for release every quarter. Each automation is focused on streamlining service delivery, improving data hygiene, accelerating ticket remediation and/or optimizing sales operations.

Product Development Investment

We have more than doubled our investment in product development to maximize the potential of the brands we acquire. This increase in funding has yielded over 3,000 new killer features across the IT Complete platform, enhancing functionality and accelerating innovation.

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We Share Your Risk

A true partner shares the risk, the downside, and the pain when things don’t go as planned.  To that end, we have crafted new business policies related to the contract terms and pricing of our solutions to ensure our money is where our mouth is, and that we adapt to change just as you must.

Competitive One-Year Contracts

One-year pricing has been significantly reduced to make it easier than ever for partners to access and benefit from Kaseya solutions without a long-term commitment. While one-year contracts have always been available, they are now more affordable and competitive.

Month-to-Month Contracts for Datto BCDR

With the reintroduction of month-to-month contracts for Datto BCDR, partners can now purchase new BCDR subscriptions or renew a current subscription on a month-to-month basis, allowing them to respond to the ever-changing needs of their clients in a manner that protects profitability and respects the evolving landscape of BCDR.

FLEXSpend for Everything

The concept of FLEXSpend was initially launched in 2023 to allow partners to reallocate spend within our backup suite to any other backup solution. FLEXSpend has now been extended to ALL product suites. Every subscription with Kaseya can be moved through the FLEXSpend program, meaning partners can reallocate spend to other products in the IT Complete portfolio as their business needs change.

Catastrophic Client Loss Protection

This program is designed to protect our MSP partners should they experience the loss of a customer whose services represent 20% or more of the MSP's revenue. Should a customer of that size be lost, Kaseya will adjust the MSP's license count for licenses attributable to that account.

Price Lock Guarantee

In alignment with our commitment to offer partners top-tier solutions at the most competitive prices, Kaseya promises to cap any increase in current customers' product pricing to a maximum of 5%, plus any adjustments necessary for inflation upon contract renewal.

We appreciate the continued support from our partners and the Kaseya + Datto community at large. The Partner First Pledge is our promise to continue improving and innovating on how we make you more successful as we ride this unprecedented wave in IT & Security Management together.

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