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Logically Leverages Kaseya’s ProfitFuel Program to Enhance M&A Success With Exponential Cost Savings


Logically is a U.S.-based, cybersecurity-focused managed service provider that has grown exponentially over the past six years through almost a dozen strategic acquisitions. While this M&A activity helped Logically grow quickly, it left them saddled with an overly complex and bulky tech stack that caused significant strain on their employees’ ability to service their customers efficiently and effectively. In an effort to address these growing pains, Logically decided to slow acquisition activity in order to focus on aligning its disjointed processes and solutions.

While Logically hoped to find a scalable solution to increase their operational efficiency, the level of operational improvement they achieved from aligning their tech stack within Kaseya’s IT Complete portfolio exceeded expectations. In addition to being able to exponentially streamline their tool set to better serve their customers, they were able to cut their annual tech stack costs by close to 60% simply by consolidating and standardizing on Kaseya’s integrated stack across their burgeoning organization.


Dublin, Ohio


Logically provides market-leading information technology and cybersecurity services to small and midsize businesses across the USA. As a champion of cybersecurity innovation, they marry the right technologies to create personalized solutions that address their customers’ myriad IT challenges, with security as a focal point. Logically is known for its responsiveness, outstanding customer service, cybersecurity prowess, and extensive breadth and depth of technical expertise. The company’s CEO, Josh Skeens, helped the company’s team of talented and experienced professionals navigate the cultural perils that often come with M&A activity to a unified position of strength that has allowed Logically to grow successfully amidst economic turbulence.

"Kaseya was able to help us on a much broader scale than we anticipated. We had similar conversations with several different partners in the MSP tech space, and Kaseya by far blew everyone else out of the water." Chris MortonChief Information Officer


The first and most critical challenge Logically faced was how to consolidate and integrate its bulky tech stack to streamline and optimize IT service delivery. Supporting too many solutions was a recipe for chaos and inefficient workflows. Rising costs were another worrying factor. The company was using multiple solutions from multiple vendors, including Kaseya, which made it difficult to streamline their operations. It also meant that integrations between their solutions were not optimal. After the Logically team evaluated a workflow integration solution that connected Kaseya’s VSA, backup (Unitrends) and IT Documentation (IT Glue) products, and its immediate impact, there was no turning back.

“My CEO and I were challenged with a large variety of technical tools and associated cost drivers due to different acquisitions and changes over time,” said Logically Chief Information Officer Chris Morton.

As a result of its acquisition strategy, Logically has a national customer base that requires 24/7 support. Thus, their second challenge was standardizing the experience across the acquired service desk workforce. Their aim was to deliver seamless service to all their customers while their tech stack underwent a consolidation makeover in the background. The company wanted all its service desk agents to be capable of meeting the needs of customers from any acquisition uniformly and without a hitch. Additionally, it was important that new hires could easily and quickly get up to speed on the process.

“One of the biggest challenges for an MSP that has gone through an acquisition path is finding a centralized support model that allows clients from Acquisition A to receive efficient and effective support from engineers from Acquisition B,” Chris added.

Logically’s third (and most uncontrollable) challenge was how to better cope with industry headwinds impacting all MSPs, such as a lack of qualified talent, customer and talent churn risk, and increasing client expectations. A spree of acquisitions meant that Logically had to deal with increasing demands from a much larger pool of clients. In a post-pandemic world where remote and hybrid work are increasingly common, MSPs are under pressure from their customers to provide round-the-clock IT services. Due to a dearth of tech talent and increasing customer demand, MSPs are forced to do significantly more with fewer resources, and this is becoming an increasing breaking point for many.

“Post COVID-19, with a lot of businesses going more remote, we’ve seen a big shift away from the whole 8 am to 5 pm. In my mind, that’s a thing of the past. Everywhere is 24/7 to some extent nowadays,” Chris said.

“It has required MSPs, including Logically, to step up our game and raise our standards to a level previously reserved for only top-tier clients from specific industries like financial, healthcare and others,” he added.

“Kaseya is the difference between a partner and just another tech vendor.” Chris MortonChief Information Officer


Given that consolidating an entire tech stack overnight is not possible, Logically chose to focus on the lowest hanging fruit to start the consolidation process by rolling out Kaseya’s backup products, Unitrends and Spanning, with IT Glue across its entire organization. By enabling Kaseya’s game-changing integrations between these products, Logically was able to achieve a significant efficiency boost almost immediately.

Because Unitrends and IT Glue seamlessly integrate with dozens of other Kaseya products and third-party applications, Logically expects efficiency to evolve exponentially as they expand their IT Complete footprint by rolling other Kaseya products across their organization. Being able to enhance data management and security through the integrated infrastructure and standardized documentation that comes with combining Unitrends, Spanning and IT Glue is allowing Logically to enhance their service delivery quality by supporting customers anytime, anywhere with greater speed and less cost. By leveraging the comprehensive service offering, workflow integrations and cost-saving benefits of IT Complete, Logically is on a path to outmuscle its competitors with its speed, quality of delivery and profitability.

“Kaseya really stepped up and worked through all the technical and financial challenges associated with consolidating backup, password management, antivirus and network monitoring,” Chris stated.

“What was really appealing was that we were able to meet with Kaseya and say, look, this is everything we have out there and we would love to standardize on Kaseya solutions, but we need to find a way to make this work financially as well as technically,” he added.

To help simplify the process, Kaseya took Logically through a proprietary strategic auditing process called ProfitFuel, which clearly mapped out the technical and financial gains Kaseya had to offer for tool consolidation. Kaseya then worked 1:1 with Logically to develop an execution path to suit their business needs and timeline.


By enabling the integration between Unitrends and IT Glue, Logically was able to build one of the strongest, fastest and most efficient service desk teams in the United States. Having clear documentation of all backup details and activities for every single one of its 1,500+ customers and 50,000+ endpoints allowed Logically to deliver real-time insights on the backup health of every one of its customers to the fingertips of any of its technicians at any time.

“Particularly for us, the integration with Unitrends will allow our engineers to see the backup status right within the documentation tool they are already in. They don’t need to go elsewhere or ask around,” Chris said.

Even with the increased workload resulting from acquisitions and integrations, the company continues to improve service delivery metrics thanks to the power of Kaseya’s IT Complete workflow-integrated products.

“The one Kaseya solution that’s had the biggest impact, and is continuing to have the biggest impact, for us is IT Glue. As you can imagine, all our acquisitions came with their own documentation system, which was the biggest hurdle in getting the service desk to support any client in any location,” Chris stated.

Logically was looking for the best way to implement changes to keep its competitive edge and be ready for future challenges. Kaseya met the company’s unwavering requirements on quality and cost so that Logically could strengthen its position as an MSP.

“Kaseya has a broad umbrella of technical tools, and at the same time, Logically has a need to standardize our tech stack on best-of-breed solutions while minimizing the number of vendor relationships to maintain. So, it’s just the marrying of those two. To me, this has been the definition of a partnership,” Chris explained, adding “Kaseya is the difference between a partner and just another tech vendor.”

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