Kaseya Advances Systems Management with Industry’s Only Complete Cloud Solution, Launches New IT Tools

Kaseya Offers Complete Multi-Tenant SaaS Systems Management Solution Meeting the Needs of Modern IT Organizations Free and Subscription License IT Tools Address Specific IT Pain Points

LAUSANNE, SWITZERLAND – April 9, 2013 – Kaseya®, the only vendor to provide a complete IT systems management cloud solution, along with an on-premises solution, today announced an extensive set of new SaaS IT tools. Free versions and subscription license offerings are available, depending on user needs.

The cloud delivers a myriad of potential advantages over on-premises applications, from simplifying new software deployment and maintenance to enabling compliance and enhancing security, all contributing to significant cost savings to IT organizations. Kaseya is committed to its vision of providing the widest and most comprehensive range of automated IT systems management tools and is the industry’s only vendor to offer a complete cloud solution.

Kaseya meets the needs of modern IT organizations that fully recognize the advantages of the SaaS delivery model and the benefits to working in the cloud. The award-winning Kaseya IT Systems Management platform has been leveraged by thousands of IT organizations worldwide to solve countless IT challenges. Kaseya now delivers targeted SaaS IT tools based on specific IT pain points. These pain point driven tools can be as simple as a patch status audit or security audit to a complete patch management solution.

The free IT tools available today are:

  • File Share Audit: Determines and reports on what file shares have been created on up to 1,000 computers, including the accessibility of those files.
  • User Audit: Determines and reports on what user accounts are configured on up to 1,000 computers, including access privileges and guest accounts.
  • Software Audit: Provides a complete inventory of installed applications for up to 1,000 computers through comprehensive reports, views and lists.
  • Security Audit: Determines and reports on endpoint security settings for up to 1,000 computers, including AV engine(s) installed, active status and date of last update.
  • Windows Patch Status: Determines and reports on endpoint patch status on up to 1,000 computers, including Windows update settings and patch status information.

Those who start out with free versions of the Kaseya IT Tools will have easy access to a simple and configurable upgrade path to include additional options and software services that users can consume based on their changing needs. For a minimal fee, users can upgrade to a version providing a much larger feature-set and also 24×7 support.

Kaseya is also announcing the re-introduction of its SaaS bundle, Kaseya Essentials. The bundle has been reconfigured to add more value to businesses of all sizes and is available as a free trial.

“We provide an unmatched IT systems management experience for our worldwide customers. We built our business to leverage the Web to make it extremely easy for companies of all sizes to quickly deploy, manage and dynamically expand as systems management needs arise and change,” said Bob Davis, chief marketing officer at Kaseya. “The market wants effective, easy-to-use and deploy systems management technology. With our complete cloud solution and our new targeted IT Tools, we are answering this call.”

“By leveraging a SaaS delivery model to provide free access to key IT management solutions that will identify opportunities for performance improvements, cost reductions and the achievement of compliance objectives, Kaseya has opened the door to a larger audience of organizations reliant on IT to drive business goals and profitability,” said Steve Brasen, managing research director for Enterprise Management Associates (EMA). “The free tools allow organizations to test out the value of business-focused IT automation resources without making an up-front financial commitment. Once users have experienced the immediate process improvement and simplified management that can be achieved in the free editions, it seems likely they will desire the increased capabilities available in the subscription editions, as well as in other Kaseya cloud solutions.”

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