Zyrion and New Relic Partnership Delivers End-to-End Performance for Joint Customer, Blurb

LAUSANNE, SWITZERLAND – July 18, 2013 – Zyrion, now a part of Kaseya®, and a leading provider of integrated cloud and IT infrastructure monitoring software, announced today its partnership and product integration with software analytics company New Relic. The partnership provides greater performance visibility for the private cloud environment of joint customer Blurb, a creative publishing and marketing platform that makes it easy to design, publish, market and sell professional quality books. Together, this partnership combines the New Relic SaaS-based, performance management solution for web applications and Zyrion hybrid cloud monitoring platform to provide faster triangulation of performance bottlenecks and higher customer satisfaction.

Blurb, based in downtown San Francisco, is one of the fastest growing online publishers with nearly 2 million books created and delivered last year. What started out as a handful of servers quickly expanded into hundreds of servers in multiple datacenters being managed by a multitude of tools.

“Ours was a common Silicon Valley growth story, and we quickly needed a way to consolidate and get an end-to-end view of our infrastructure and application performance,” said Blurb CTO Adam Joffe. “Fast web and application performance while customers are interactively designing and ordering print and e-books means high customer satisfaction and re-use,” he added.

Drawing on his past experience at Sony Online and Bill Me Later (now a unit of Paypal), Joffe focused on consolidating the different tools within the Technology organization. “I needed to look at our application and infrastructure performance in a unified, integrated dashboard,” Joffe said. “We were able to quickly integrate and display the New Relic APM metrics in Zyrion’s service containers & dashboards. This integration has allowed me to see the performance of my customer facing services rather than focusing solely on my infrastructure,” he added.

The integration of New Relic and Zyrion has already started to show ROI for Blurb since its deployment. The application development team uses New Relic to model the performance of their custom application, and the metrics in New Relic are seamlessly integrated into Zyrion’s Traverse being used by the devops team responsible for customer satisfaction and operations. Zyrion’s service container technology allowed prioritizing the outages and events by correlating them to services for faster mean time to recover.

“By combining Zyrion strong Cloud and infrastructure monitoring solution with our Application Performance data, customers get instant visibility into their service performance issues,” said Bill Lapcevic, vice president of business development of New Relic. “Our joint customer Blurb is a great example how our partnership is delivering immediate results to our end customers,” he added. “The APM metrics provided by New Relic were the missing component of our Application Service Containers in Traverse,” said Vikas Aggarwal, CEO of Zyrion. “This new partnership and integration provides a complete business centric view of the applications and Cloud infrastructure, delivering higher value to enterprises and MSPs,” he added.

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