Network Configuration Manager

Traverse provides accurate, real-time information and maintains control of details and relationships for all technology assets in your IT infrastructure

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Discovery and Inventory for Easy IT Asset Management

Network Visability
Gain Visibility

See your entire IT environment. Discover computers and network devices on individual networks or entire domains. See all your endpoints on the network topology map. See asset status at a glance.

Keep your Network Organized
Stay Organized

Organize machines in groups and manage based on set policy.

Be in control with Discovery and Inventory Tools
Be in Control

Automatically deploy agents to discovered endpoints to enable IT automation and remote management.

Network Inventory Efficiency
Operate Efficiently

Automatically discover all endpoints on the network. Reduce manual effort and free up time.

Network Configuration Manager

Backup, Restore, and Track Changes Across Enterprise

Traverse has an integrated Network Configuration and Change Management (NCM) module which automatically backs up configurations of all routers, firewalls, switches and load balancers within the network.

Traverse helps identify, control and account for the various items in the infrastructure, and ensure their integrity as part of the service delivery lifecycle.

Traverse can manage configurations of thousands of network devices including routers, switches, firewalls, load balancers and security appliances.

You can compare the changes made to any configuration and restore the previous configuration at any time. Having a tightly integrated NCM module provides instant troubleshooting and faster mean time to recover (MTTR).

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VSA Audit & Inventory

Kaseya VSA’s Audit and Inventory feature ensures smooth sailing of audits with automation and complete visibility into your entire IT infrastructure.

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