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Compliance Manager

Compliance built into Kaseya VSA for GDPR, HIPAA, and Cyber Insurance

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Comprehensive Compliance Process Automation

Compliance Made Easy
Compliance Made Easy

Demonstrate compliance in GDPR, HIPAA & Cyber Liability Insurance with automated scanning and reporting.

Compliance Convenience

Kaseya Compliance Manager is a module built into VSA that audits and documents compliance from a single pane of glass.

Stay Compliant
Stay Compliant

Stay in compliance with regular, automated network scans to detect any ongoing issues, identify potential threats, and provide alert notifications.

Maintain Security
Maintain Security

Automate assessments by scanning your public and internal environments to identify security vulnerabilities. Ensure your systems comply with the standard’s security requirements.

Stay Compliant with Kaseya Compliance Manager

Kaseya Compliance Manager is the first and only purpose-built, role-based Compliance Process Automation platform. Combining a wizard-driven workflow engine, automated network and computer data discovery, a web-based management portal, and built-in compliance document generation – to help you maintain and prove compliance.


Our approach to compliance walks you and your stakeholders through the process in a repeatable and non-arbitrary way that will stand-up to auditor scrutiny.

Role-Based Assignments

Divides the workloads into four primary roles, so that the appropriate department and personnel are responsible for their part of the assessment process.

Task Notification System

As tasks are created and roles are assigned, stakeholders are notified via email.

Risk-Based Remediation

Assists in documentation required for risk mitigation.

Continous Compliance

Automated network scans can be scheduled monthly, quarterly, or bi-annually to detect any ongoing issues, identify potential threats, and provide alert notifications to keep you in compliance.

Process Wizard

Your list of Compliance To-Dos is maintained for you by the system, and each task is automatically crossed off and marked complete as you go.

Automatic Data Collection

The system automatically collects information that you would gather manually with other tools, saving you time.

Featured Case Study

Jireh Solution lifts its business to new heights with VSA by Kaseya

Listen to Andy Platts, Managing Director at Jireh Solutions, as he shares the growth story of Jireh Solutions, going from being a break-fix trader to being a full time managed service provider with Kaseya by their side.

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Compliance Manager

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