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CST Group Leverages Advanced Automation of VSA 10 to Streamline Workflows Cost-Effectively


CST Group Inc., headquartered in New York, is a managed service provider (MSP) that specializes in offering a comprehensive suite of managed IT services, such as computer networking, data backup and recovery, vendor management and more. Its client base predominantly encompasses municipalities and local governments, along with businesses in the automotive, medical and construction sectors.

We had the opportunity to speak with Shawn Brown, Chief Operating Officer and co-owner of CST Group Inc., who provided valuable insights into how VSA 10 and Kaseya’s IT Complete Platform have dramatically improved the MSP’s business operations.


CST Group Inc
Malone, New York


Founded in 2000, CST Group Inc. has established itself as a complete technology solutions provider. With a steadfast commitment to delivering the most reliable and professional IT services to businesses and governments along the East Coast, the MSP prides itself on its ability to resolve IT challenges effectively and efficiently.

Its skilled team of IT professionals is dedicated to ensuring that your IT concerns are a thing of the past. Having been recognized as a woman-owned and veteran-owned business, CST Group Inc. stands out for its excellence in service and its commitment to diversity and inclusion in the technology sector.

“VSA 10 is poised to increase our efficiency by at least 75% due to our ability to automate more.” Shawn BrownCOO and co-owner


CST Group Inc. manages over 730 endpoints, mainly for government agencies stretching from Northern New York to Southwest Florida. Working so closely with these agencies requires them to pay extra attention to maintaining robust cybersecurity and assisting clients in meeting various compliance standards.

They are responsible for ensuring their clients comply with a range of regulations, including PCI DSS, FTC regulations and CMMC 2.0. This task is particularly daunting in New York State, which is known for its strict regulatory environment. VSA enables CST Group Inc. to monitor compliance closely and ensure all necessary measures are in place to maintain standards.

Additionally, over the past two years, CST Group Inc. has aggressively expanded its client base. It is now focused on cost-effectively streamlining operations and processes without the need to hire additional technicians. To achieve this, the MSP was looking to leverage more automation and integration within its IT stack.


CST Group Inc. uses VSA 10, Kaseya’s flagship remote monitoring and management (RMM) solution, to oversee its IT operations. The recently launched VSA 10 has cutting-edge features and capabilities unmatched by other RMM tools in the market. CST Group Inc. leverages it to scale up, expand its customer reach and enhance operations with unparalleled speed, precision and efficiency.

Shawn is particularly impressed with Kaseya’s IT Complete platform. This all-encompassing suite brings together every tool an IT professional could need, conveniently accessible in one place. What sets this platform apart is the seamless integration between all the tools, making it possible to develop complex workflows that are difficult to achieve otherwise. CST Group Inc. is keen on leveraging these workflows to make its operations more efficient.

Beyond VSA 10, Shawn has enhanced his tech stack with backup solution Spanning and IT Glue for documentation.


VSA 10 marks a significant leap in automation capabilities for CST Group Inc. This latest version of VSA brought to the table a no-code, low-code or pro-code way of automating common IT tasks, from patching, alerts and even everyday tickets, making IT management more efficient and less labor-intensive.

Moreover, the advanced automation capabilities of VSA 10 allowed CST Group Inc. to onboard clients and manage endpoints more effectively, freeing up valuable time for its IT professionals to focus on strategic initiatives rather than routine tasks.

One of the standout features of VSA 10 was the improved patch management system. It’s a robust solution that worked seamlessly, ensuring that systems were up to date without manual intervention. This not only improved security but also significantly reduced the administrative burden on its IT staff.

Lastly, VSA 10’s support for PowerShell and the ease of integrating custom scripts meant that even team members with limited scripting experience could automate complex tasks.

Looking to the future, CST Group Inc. is set to harness the comprehensive capabilities of VSA 10 to push the boundaries of automation, continuously refine security measures and expand its client base. VSA 10’s scalability and robust features lay the groundwork for managing an increasing number of endpoints efficiently, even with the same or fewer staff members. This capability is key to CST Group Inc.’s strategy for scaling up its operations.

In essence, VSA is helping CST Group Inc. be so much faster and do everything they are doing now easily and efficiently.

“Kaseya has been instrumental in our remarkable growth, enabling us to expand our company by 35% over the last two years.” Shawn BrownCOO and co-owner