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Hope Church Uses VSA to Boost Efficiency on a Budget


Thriving for 21 years, Hope Church has experienced remarkable growth, bringing forth increased IT requirements. We had a chat with their IT manager, Robert Rozanski, to uncover the story of how Kaseya became their valuable IT partner. As a non-profit organization, their aim was to allocate funds wisely without compromising efficiency.

Rozanski shed light on how VSA proved to be unparalleled in terms of value for money, specifically in managing their diverse Mac and PC environment. He also underscored the seamless integration of VSA with IT Glue and Spanning, a combination that not only boosts efficiency but also simplifies the overall management of their IT infrastructure.


Hope Church
Las Vegas


Established in Las Vegas in 2001, Hope Church traces its roots to a group of families. Initially sent by the First Baptist Church of Woodstock, Georgia, three founding pastors, along with their families, embarked on a journey that started with just 18 people in a living room. As this small but dedicated group prayed and actively engaged with the city, their followers multiplied, leading to the official birth of Hope Church on September 30, 2001.

"Being a church, we have a budget. Kaseya is working hand-in-hand with us to get us the best value for money and ensure accountability. I see a bright future.” Robert RozanskiIT manager at Hope Church


Juggling everything from alert management and patching to regular IT upkeep, Robert Rozanski had his hands full managing IT for Hope Church using an endpoint management solution that was falling short of his expectations. Managing everything IT single-handedly meant that he needed a more reliable tool. Consequently, he began searching for an affordable solution that could enhance efficiency and facilitate smoother IT management without breaking the bank. Using Church funds wisely by investing in a solution that provided value for money was Rozanski’s goal. The solutions that checked all the boxes were from the Kaseya family, with the first one being the highly sought-after remote monitoring and management (RMM) solution, VSA.


Rozanski signed up for a 14-day free trial of VSA and was impressed by its efficiency as well as the customer service and guidance provided by the Kaseya representative. VSA providing support for both PCs and Mac devices proved to be a boon for Rozanski, whose environment comprises an equal mix of both. He says tasks such as remotely checking CPU temperatures and internet connections have become a breeze.

Not just VSA, Rozanski has built the core IT stack using solutions from the Kaseya family – adding the PSA solution BMS and IT documentation solution IT Glue to the mix. Being the sole person running the IT show, this setup has been nothing short of phenomenal for him. Having worked with IT Glue earlier in his career, Rozanski was happy to gravitate back to it.

Another solution from Kaseya that completes the picture is Spanning — a top-of-the-line SaaS backup that Rozanski uses to secure their Microsoft 365 data. Notably, Spanning also excels in safeguarding data for Google Workspace and Salesforce. Rozanski is also contemplating an investment in Datto Networking Solutions to enhance Hope Church’s IT infrastructure further.


The biggest advantage of using the Kaseya stack lies in the seamless integration between solutions — a point Rozanski highlights. He emphasizes how being able to pull information from Spanning and IT Glue into VSA was a huge time-saver for him. As someone who wears many hats, managing tickets, planning projects and strategizing for the future, the integration proved invaluable for efficiency. Moreover, the fact that VSA comes with a price tag that’s 30% lower than other endpoint management solutions in the market made it a steal.

Becoming a KaseyaOne user has greatly streamlined things for Rozanski. Now, he can access all Kaseya solutions seamlessly from one portal, eliminating the need to navigate between multiple websites. This not only speeds up his access to essential data but also allows him to concentrate on more crucial tasks, saving valuable time.

Summing up, Rozanski pointed out the smooth onboarding process, highlighting how the recorded Zoom calls sent via email ensured that he never missed any important discussion. From a big-picture perspective, he totally loves the platform and would absolutely suggest it to anyone.

“The integration between the solution is a time-saver. It’s really been easy.” Robert RozanskiIT manager at Hope Church