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Impulse Data Improves Operational Efficiency and Boosts Sales with Kaseya Quote Manager


Impulse Data is centrally located in Brisbane and provides managed and remote IT support to small- and medium-sized businesses throughout Australia. Before Kaseya Quote Manager, Impulse Data created quotes with manual spreadsheets after consulting four to six supplier websites for pricing and availability. They needed a solution that would streamline their quoting process, reduce human errors and improve their sales margins.

Kaseya Quote Manager revolutionized the quoting and sales processes for Impulse Data. The platform streamlined operations, improved accuracy, and enhanced client satisfaction, ultimately contributing to increased sales and a more efficient workflow.

This is Impulse Data’s story.


Impulse Data
Spring Hill, Brisbane


Established in 2003 by Tim Andrews who has over 20 years of IT experience and know-how, Impulse Data delivers quality IT solutions that enable businesses to focus on their core business, not their IT worries.

Clients rely on Impulse Data for best-in-market hardware and systems, proactive support and maintenance, and business-grade security options. Impulse Data’s strength lies in their people — their attention to detail, punctuality and reliability. The company also has strong systems and internal procedures, which ensure nothing falls through the cracks on a project or a support request.

Centrally located in Spring Hill, Brisbane, Impulse Data services clients throughout Australia. The company’s dedicated team of IT professionals specialize in working for businesses across various industries including legal, accounting, medical, insurance, real estate, finance, construction and more.

“Kaseya Quote Manager provides reliable data in a single pane of glass which greatly improves the accuracy and protects our margins.” Tim AndrewsDirector at Impulse Data


Before implementing Kaseya Quote Manager, Impulse Data grappled with challenges stemming from manual creation using Word documents and Excel spreadsheets.

The process was time-consuming for the leadership team, as they had to manually create quotes. This involved extensive research on multiple supplier websites to check stock availability, pricing, and product specifications. Human errors were also a frequent occurrence, especially in complex quotes, leading to inaccuracies in both quoting and invoicing. Mistakes, such as accidental price rounding down, impacted profit margins.

Delays and outdated information were other common issues. Supplier information could become obsolete by the time client approval was received, resulting in further delays and potential inaccuracies.

Additionally, communication inefficiencies arose from clients’ responses to flat PDF quotes, sometimes leading to unclear feedback and necessitating additional time spent seeking clarification. Moreover, the lack of payment flexibility, with no option for clients to pay by credit card, negatively impacted Impulse Data’s cash flow.


To overcome manual quoting challenges, Impulse Data implemented Kaseya Quote Manager, resulting in a transformation across various aspects of their operations.

The platform significantly enhanced efficiency, allowing leadership to generate quotes faster and handle more within the same timeframe. Simultaneously, accuracy in quoting and invoicing processes improved, minimizing the risk of human errors. This synchronization with the accounting system ensured precise pricing and reduced margin-related issues.

Clients were pleased with the professional and interactive format of the quotes, fostering transparency through features that allowed them to click through for additional information such as pictures and specifications. This positive client experience contributed to faster quoting acceptance, facilitated by responsive and interactive features that minimized the need for clients to send vague responses via email.

Integration with their payment processor allowed Kaseya Quote Manager to streamline credit card payments, significantly improving cash flow. Clients appreciated the convenience of this option. Additionally, the platform offered flexible options, enabling clients to choose from different hardware and various add-ons, creating increased upselling opportunities for the company.


Since the implementation of Kaseya Quote Manager, Impulse Data has experienced a range of significant benefits. The streamlined quoting process, faster turnaround and improved accuracy contributed to a more efficient and client-focused service. Clients trusted the company as a reliable advisor, and the convenience of consistent purchases outweighed potential cost savings from other sources.

Kaseya Quote Manager also facilitated upselling opportunities for Impulse Data, with clients frequently opting for higher-priced hardware options when presented with a range of choices, leading to increased sales. The interactive features and options for add-ons also created additional sales opportunities by facilitating the selling of complementary products and services.

In conclusion, Kaseya Quote Manager significantly contributed to improved client satisfaction. Clients felt well-serviced and well-looked after, receiving tailored solutions and having access to a comprehensive menu of options. As Impulse Data looks to the future, there is a clear potential for a broader implementation of Kaseya Quote Manager throughout the company.

“Kaseya Quote Manager promotes the sales process because creates efficiency. Previously, it was mostly Tim, and I did small amounts of quoting, but I can confidently quote now. So there’s actually two of us able to get quotes out a lot faster than before.” Bree MurtaghOperations Manager of Impulse Data