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At the 2016 Kaseya Connect customer event CEO Fred Voccola announced IT Complete, an architecture, set of integrated solutions, and approach that makes MSPs more efficient, profitable and able to drive effective services.

More recently Kaseya updated IT Complete with new solutions that can drive even more managed services. One of the main new staples of the IT Complete Platform is cloud management in the form of the newly acquired Unigma. Also critical are strong authentication in the form of AuthAnvil, and Unigma’s network monitoring partner Traverse, which focuses on internal and hybrid networks.

So what is IT Complete?

Kaseya IT Complete gives MSPs solutions that help drive and run their business, and the industry’s most comprehensive set of revenue-generating solutions.

Kaseya IT Complete is the platform and technologies MSPs need to both manage clients, and gain a low cost structure that comes from embracing new MSP 2.0 market economics.

Kaseya IT Complete helps MSPs to:

  • Operate more cost-efficiently with the use of a next-generation PSA built specifically for MSPs
  • Expand revenue by exploiting next-generation RMM functionality
  • Redirect money saved through efficiency to MSP 2.0 Emerging Solutions that address deepening SMB technology needs

Learn more by reading The Kaseya IT Complete Playbook – Your Roadmap to Success in an MSP 2.0 World.

With IT Complete, MSPs can reduce costs, and use this freed up money to create new revenue generating activities. These can include improving existing services, launch new services, or invest in sales and marketing.

Below is a graphic that shows the solutions in IT Complete.

IT Complete is the MSP 2.0 Platform

An effective MSP Platform should contain tools and technologies to help MSPs efficiently and professionally manage clients, and take full advantage of the flexibility and low cost structure derived from new MSP 2.0 principles.

Our IT Complete Playbook went a bit further. “Statistics tell us that SMBs are requiring more new and more complex IT service delivery capabilities from their MSPs. MSPs must offer these emerging services to their customers in order to A) prevent the customers from leaving and going to another MSP, B) grow their revenue from their existing customers, and C) ensure their ability to acquire new customers, as these emerging services are growing very rapidly and your competition could beat you to the punch,” the playbook explained.

The AuthAnvil Proposition

AuthAnvil is a two-factor authentication (2FA) solution that includes single sign-on (SSO). Here are customer prospects we rate as an A.

Customer Size is 40+. Here are key industries to target:

  •         Banking/Credit Unions (FFIEC)
  •         Healthcare (HIPAA)
  •         Retail (PCI)
  •         State/Local Gov (CJIS/NIST)
  •         Legal (ABA Rule 1.6A)

With AuthAnvil, you can roll out an effective and profitable Security-as-a-Service. In the graphic below, you can see the impressive margins, and even more impressive return on investment (ROI).

AuthAnvil Security-as-a-Service (SECaaS)

AuthAnvil is a two-factor/multifactor authentication (2FA/MFA) solution that also includes password management and single sign-on (SSO). For MSPs, the SECaaS version is not just available on-demand, but is packed with resources to help providers quickly launch effective identity management services and fully monetize the solution to increase monthly recurring revenue (MRR).

These resources include:

  •         “Go-to-Market in a Box” training to teach MSP staff to sell AuthAnvil two-factor authentication and single sign-on (SSO) as a service to customers
  •         White-labeled sales and marketing materials to bolster the MSP selling process
  •         Educational webinars for prospective MSP clients to help drive service demand

For more information on AuthAnvil Security as a Service visit: https://authanvil.com/msp-solutions/security-as-a-service

Traverse Network Monitoring-as-a-Service (NMaaS)

Traverse is a network monitoring and management solution that works with internal networks, the cloud, and hybrid networks. It tracks performance, uncovers problems, performs root cause analysis and resolves problems.

‘A’ prospects are companies with more than 40 employees, and target industries include:

  •         Banking/Credit Unions – distributed/can’t close business
  •         Healthcare – critical care
  •         Retail – distributed
  •         End User Service (call centers, etc…)

The new Traverse-based NMaaS solution offers:

  •         Access to one of the most powerful infrastructure monitoring platforms on the market
  •         Sales and marketing training and resources to help get new sellers to market quickly
  •         A valuable multi-tier, multi-tenant monitoring service that fits customers of all sizes
  •         An easy source of monthly recurring revenues from new and existing customers

For more information on Traverse Network Monitoring as a Service visit: http://www.traverse-monitoring.com/solutions/msp-monitoring-software

The Unigma Cloud Management Suite

Unigma has three core components:

  •         Cloud Manager – The core of the Unigma Cloud Manager is an intuitive dashboard that offers a single pane of glass to monitor and management AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure instances, as well as other popular public clouds. With this dashboard, both MSPs and IT pros can correlate events with performance metrics, and share this data with clients or other internal IT staff. Moreover, since many shops now use multiple public cloud services, the dashboard offers that same single pane of glass view of multiple services and clients, and supports troubleshooting and performance metrics across all these clouds. Once the analysis is done, reports can be produced immediately. Another key part of Unigma Cloud Manager is the ability to automate common public cloud tasks and perform maintenance on schedules you create, and all from one single cloud control panel.
  •         Cloud Billing Manager – MSPs these days handle a large roster of client companies, many with their own choices of clouds and often multiple providers. MSPs equipped with Unigma Billing Manager can give clients highly detailed usage reports that gives them an exact understanding of what they are using and powers your accurate client invoicing.
  •         Cloud Cost Optimizer – Understanding existing cloud costs is a great thing. Even better, with Unigma Cloud Cost Optimizer you can turn your cost insights into a deep analysis of potential cloud savings. MSP clients or IT shops can optimize and manage their costs and boost cloud utilization. A big part of this is understanding both unused and oversized instances and then rationalizing them.

More on IT Complete

Click here to learn more about IT Complete.

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