Kaseya 365 Ushers in the Dawn of a New Era in IT & Security Management

Kaseya Connect

Welcome to the golden age of IT and cybersecurity management. Today, in Las Vegas in the opening keynote of Kaseya Connect Global 2024, Kaseya CEO Fred Voccola introduced the world to a solution that changes the game for managed service providers (MSPs): Kaseya 365. This all-in-one endpoint solution is poised to operationally transform MSPs. 

The result of a decade of thoughtful development, Kaseya 365 includes everything MSPs need to lay a robust foundation for managing endpoints while enjoying immediate and effortless profit margin growth. It is purpose-built to manage, secure, back up and automate all of an MSP’s clients’ endpoints under a single subscription.

Watch Fred’s revolutionary announcement.

Kaseya 365 revolutionizes the unit economics of IT and security management

The foundation of Kaseya 365 rests on four core pillars designed to enable MSPs with immediate and long-term success. 

1. Manage

Perpetually overburdened and under-resourced IT teams have had to grapple with a growing array of complex technologies to stay on top of endpoint proliferation. Kaseya 365 alleviates that stress by giving IT teams access to and control over ALL of their clients’ endpoints  — right from a single unified interface.

2. Secure

MSPs are often forced to compromise on securing their clients’ endpoints because of cost or client perception of necessity. Not anymore. Kaseya 365 makes it easy for MSPs to deliver security the right way for their clients, every time, without the burden of additional expenses. The foundation of robust endpoint security for every client is built right in, making security simple and profitable. 

3. Backup

In an uncertain world where businesses face an ever-evolving array of dangerous cyberthreats and natural disasters, data backup is a must-have. Kaseya 365 makes it easy for MSPs to preserve their clients’ critical endpoint data, protecting the core of their clients’ businesses from loss or theft at all times. 

4. Automate

IT teams are stretched thin. An ongoing IT skills shortage makes it difficult for MSPs to staff appropriately — assuming they have the headcount budget. Yet even fully staffed IT teams are drowning in a sea of junk alerts, mistakes to be rectified and time-consuming maintenance. Kaseya 365’s 20 essential automations mitigate these burdens and improve accuracy. Plus, additional IT Complete modules can be integrated seamlessly to supercharge these functions and add new capabilities as needed.

Upgrading to Kaseya 365 is simple

Kaseya 365 marks the Golden Age of IT and security management. To ensure every MSP can benefit from our innovation, current Kaseya customers who already subscribe to at least one individual component of Kaseya 365 can easily upgrade to one of two Kaseya 365 subscriptions for a single low price per endpoint.

This upgrade preserves the existing functionality found in their current subscriptions and supercharges their operations with an array of additional features found in Kaseya 365. By consolidating their tools into one comprehensive package, MSPs can streamline their IT operations, ensuring smoother, more efficient processes that leverage the latest advancements Kaseya 365 has to offer.

Kaseya customers who don’t currently subscribe to any of the Kaseya 365 components can just as easily take advantage of a single low-cost subscription to Kaseya 365.

Kaseya 365 is available in two tiers:

Kaseya 365 Express includes the core components of comprehensive endpoint management, security and backup.

  • Remote monitoring and management (RMM)  
  • Third-party patching
  • Antivirus 
  • Ransomware detection
  • Endpoint detection and response  
  • Endpoint backup  

Kaseya 365 Pro includes all of the components of Kaseya 365 Express plus next-generation managed detection and response (MDR), for the added protection of 24/7 monitoring for each and every endpoint.

Kaseya 365 is the ideal foundation for MSP growth  

Kaseya 365 provides an unmatched array of benefits that will redefine how MSPs operate and grow their businesses. One of the primary advantages of Kaseya 365 is its ability to reduce vendor fatigue. By consolidating all critical endpoint components into a single, easy-to-understand subscription, MSPs can acquire and manage their services more efficiently. This integration not only simplifies operations, but also reduces the complexities associated with managing multiple vendor relationships.

Kaseya 365 is powered by IT Complete’s Automation Universe, which significantly boosts technician efficiency. This integrated environment opens the door to further automation, allowing MSPs to streamline their workflows and enhance service delivery without increasing overhead costs. Technicians can focus more on strategic initiatives and be less bogged down by routine tasks.

MSPs can slash costs and pump up profit margin fast with Kaseya 365

Cost-wise, Kaseya 365 is a game-changer. It is priced lower than a fragmented stack of competing solutions and is a fraction of the price of non-integrated solutions. This revolutionary pricing strategy enables MSPs to charge less and profit more, granting a competitive edge in a tight market. 

Kaseya 365 makes it easy for MSPs to offer free trials to sell additional services and even provide permanently free services, enhancing the perceived value crucial for customer retention. That type of offering also makes it easier for potential customers to experience the benefits of advanced managed services without initial investment, and for current customers to feel continuously valued.

Additionally, Kaseya 365’s flexibility in service customization allows MSPs to easily tailor their packages to meet the unique needs of each customer. This adaptability is not just about meeting customer demands but also about doing so in a way that is economically beneficial for the business. By incorporating add-ons that are essentially free for them,  MSPs can double or even triple their margins, leveraging these high-value, low-cost additions to enhance their service offerings.

Kaseya 365 is a comprehensive, cost-effective endpoint management platform that checks every box. This groundbreaking solution enhances operational efficiencies, reduces costs and opens up new profit opportunities for MSPs, all while keeping their clients’ systems and data safe, and ensuring high levels of customer satisfaction and retention.  Kaseya 365 is a revolutionary shift in the IT landscape. It promises to reshape how MSPs operate and thrive in the evolving digital world.

Learn more at kaseya.com/products/kaseya-365.

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