VSA Innovation Spotlight: Intel vPro Integration

System Integration

IT professionals need tools that enable efficient, cost-effective and secure remote management capabilities. That’s why Intel and Kaseya have joined forces to make it easier than ever to get started with Intel® Endpoint Management Assistant (Intel EMA). VSA can now remotely discover and manage a vPro-enabled asset. The Intel vPro® integration makes VSA a truly unified RMM solution that empowers you to centralize your IT management from a single dashboard.

What is EMA and do I already have it?

Intel EMA offers a cloud-based portal to all the modern manageability of the Intel vPro platform and Intel AMT through VSA to simplify client management and help reduce costs. Almost half of the endpoints managed by MSPs are already vPro enabled. VSA works hand-in-glove with Intel EMA, a software feature of the Intel vPro platform, making it easier than ever to connect to devices inside or outside the firewall. This gives IT professionals the ability to remotely and securely control out-of-band devices within VSA for faster, more seamless management of PCs powered by Intel.

Unlocked Capabilities

Patching is vital to modern security posture since most ransomware attacks are the result of out-of-date software with known vulnerabilities. VSA now fully leverages Intel vPro’s PowerControl, AlarmClock, Remote Secure Erase and configuration information capabilities. Through PowerControl and AlarmClock, VSA customers can now turn on a (vPro-enabled) computer, patch it and turn it off again. This is an incredibly powerful capability that brings our vision of 100% patch compliance closer at hand with zero disruption to the end user. By improving patch compliance, you can significantly reduce risk to your organization.

With most organizations embracing long-term remote or hybrid work arrangements, there is a greater need for more robust security measures to be enforced to protect the highly distributed, complex IT environments of today.

Companies today need security capabilities that enable them to remotely monitor, manage and remediate all their on- and off-network endpoints. One such powerful security feature, Remote Secure Erase empowers IT professionals to execute commands under the operating system so that you can remotely brick up a rogue computer without requiring the machine to be fully logged in. With this feature, you will never have to worry about a stolen laptop being a major security risk again.

This partnership also enables more granular management of devices on home networks. VSA customers can now boot to BIOS, bypass a BitLocker bluescreen and remote control out-of-band hardware such as keyboard, video and mouse.

Simplified, Cloud-based Management

The VSA and Intel vPro integration helps lower the overall cost of endpoint operations and is offered at no extra charge for VSA customers. Additionally, IT teams can expect to gain two hours of productivity per month and improve the endpoint-to-technician ratio by 15%. IT professionals can now seamlessly manage all the vPro devices with VSA regardless of whether their IT environment comprises 1 or 100,000 endpoints.

With VSA and Intel vPro integration, you can rest assured that all your on- and off-network devices are remotely managed without the hassle of adding more solutions to your security suite. Want to know more about how the VSA and Intel vPro integration can help you efficiently manage your complex IT infrastructure without the added costs? Request your demo today!


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