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Executive Viewpoint 2019 Prediction: Kaseya

Just because we put things in the cloud, it doesn’t mean data is protected or safe in any way shape or form. The bad guys are always there. As working in cloud environments continue to become mainstream for companies of all sizes, in this New Year businesses can’t let up even for a millisecond managing and monitoring data in the cloud for security vulnerabilities, ensuring the business is in compliance and adopting comprehensive backup and disaster recovery strategies.

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The increasing importance of implementing fool-proof disaster recovery

It is the unfortunate truth that preventing every disaster scenario thrown a business’ way is impossible. After all, who can predict Mother Nature, human error or the ignorance of users? Although unpreventable, it is possible, and vital, for businesses to prepare for the subsequent recovery – no matter the cause of downtime.

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RapidFire Tools Adds HIPAA Support to Audit Guru

The new functionality augments earlier compliance automation capabilities for the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation. Additional modules for PCI DSS, ISO 27001, and other standards are in development.

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