Derdack SIGNL4 - On-call and Ticket Alerting for Kaseya BMS

Whether you are an MSP or an IT professional, everything is about speed of response and fulfilling your customers’ SLAs. The communication of any service ticket, is as important as detecting it. Your technicians or engineers need to immediately know that there is a new issue and they need to be able to action upon it. When serving customers on a 24/7 basis, SIGNL4 gives you peace of mind while not in front of your computer or while on-call after hours. Service tickets make it to the right people in time and accountability and visibility across different teams and stakeholders increases significantly.

SIGNL4 pulls detailed ticket information from Kaseya BMS, providing a smooth and seamless integration experience by offering a full built-in 2-way connector. Based on the information retrieved, we trigger automated workflows, linking such information to the responsible engineers or technicians, enabling them to interact and respond, feeding status updates, assignments and work notes back into Kaseya BMS.

Here are some of the main benefits in using SIGNL4 with your Kaseya installation:

  • Enables an instant response to critical service tickets anywhere, anytime
  • Reliable and persistent alerting via mobile push, text and voice calls
  • Targeted mobile notifications with response tracking and automated escalations
  • On-call scheduling and on-call management
  • Automates communication workflows linking tickets to responsible people
  • Real-time cross-team transparency on ticket status and ownership on mobile devices
  • Mobile app for Android and iPhone to conveniently manage tickets from anywhere

For more information and details on the integration, please, watch our integration video: How to Use SIGNL4 to enhance your Kaseya BMS – YouTube

Derdack SIGNL4
SIGNL4, Derdack’s SaaS solution, re-invents critical alerting, incident response and service dispatching for operating critical infrastructure. It addresses the needs of people working in areas where swift response matters. SIGNL4 is designed to automate and optimize incident response and management processes and has strong emphasis on mobility. Unlike traditional IT applications, it incorporates concepts of consumer products for greater productivity, usability and more fun at work.
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