BMS Integrations

Discover the Power of Seamless Workflow Integration

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Take Your Integrations to the Next Level

Discover the Power of seamless workflow integration between BMS, IT Glue and VSA

Integration - Ticketing, in your preferred workflow

Ticketing, in your preferred workflow

Create, view, assign, update and close a ticket in IT Glue or BMS. That’s ticketing, your way!

Integration - Resolve IT issues faster

Resolve IT issues faster

One-click access to VSA Live Connect directly from BMS or IT Glue to provide instant support

IT is already done

What if your services desk just managed itself? Thanks to automated remediation.

alert ALERT: Example- Disk Drive Low on Space
alert VALIDATE: Validate the Condition
alert AUTOMATICALLY REMEDIATE: Run Script to Clean Up Disk Space
alert REPORT: Run Report on All Alerts for the Past Week

Manage IT on the go

Easily manage BMS service tickets, remote manage endpoints, execute VSA agent procedures and access the IT Glue Organization dashboard to service on-site clients accurately and efficiently.

Kesaya BMS Growth

Want to know why next-gen MSPs choose BMS to run and grow their business?

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