2023 State of IT Operations Survey Highlights

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What is IT professionals favorite movie franchise? What keeps IT pros up at night? Where do IT pros plan to spend their budget next year? These questions and more are answered in Kaseya’s annual IT Operations Survey Highlights Webinar!.

For the ninth consecutive year, Kaseya surveyed IT professionals from small to midsize companies to gain a better understanding of the state of IT Departments globally. This webinar dives deeper into the goals IT professionals have for the next year, their concerns about the state of the microeconomic climate and their own burnout, and trends in technology management. We discussed the highlights of our findings on key IT operations trends, challenges, priorities, and areas of technology investment.

Watch the recoding to to learn about:

  • The top IT priorities and challenges for 2023
  • IT budget trends for 2023 and key reasons for budget growth
  • The most important areas of technology investment for 2023

And much more!