How to Increase Your Post Engagement on LinkedIn

If you’re planning to take your business to the next level, LinkedIn is one of the most popular platforms for maximizing your outreach. It not only builds brand awareness among your audience but also amplifies traffic.

Today, LinkedIn comprises 800 million followers and over 57 million companies, making it one of the most effective platforms that MSPs can leverage to reach out to businesses and professionals in their space. Although LinkedIn engagement is a common practice across businesses, most of them do it wrong. Often, they aren’t aware of certain best practices that can maximize the reach and impact of their posts. Simply copy-pasting and promoting your blog posts is not the way to drive engagement, leads or sales.

Want to learn the best ways to supercharge your LinkedIn engagement? We’ll tell you all you need to know on how to get maximum traction from every post you put up.

Focus on Increasing Readability

You only have seconds to entice your audience to tap on a post that you put up. Try not to be demure. Tell your audience precisely how your solution might benefit them. We suggest you stick to something between 150 to 250 characters.

Also, why not personalize when you call out the audience? Start with a question to make your post interactive. Pick a context for your question that your audience will immediately connect with. For example, “Marketers, do you think vulnerability scanning is necessary for SMBs?”

If you’re writing longer posts, make sure your sentences are short and easy to follow. Storytelling always helps. Using bullet points and icons can make it even easier for your audience to engage with your content.

To sum up, the best-performing LinkedIn posts tend to have:

  • A powerful value statement at the top
  • Bolded key ideas/phrases
  • Bullet points or numbered lists
  • Pressing issues or thought-provoking questions
  • Content that doesn’t hard sell
  • Posts that inspire conversations

Use Relevant Hashtags Consistently

Adding the right hashtags to your posts is extremely significant. It’s one of the best ways to make your content visible to the relevant audience. It even helps LinkedIn to categorize your posts.

Thankfully, adding relevant hashtags isn’t rocket science. LinkedIn even auto-suggests relevant hashtags based on the context of your post. You can simply pick from those.

Don’t just opt for the ones with higher followers. First check whether the hashtag you choose meets your requirements or not. When hashtags are utilized well, it reaches your target audience organically. Utilizing hashtags will also guarantee your post, blog or video shows up as one of the choices when individuals look for a specific topic.

Give Something Away

Your audience is more likely to engage with your posts when they can actively take part in and have something valuable to derive from those. Why not engage them further by providing opportunities to win something simply by commenting on your posts, liking your company page or taking part in polls?

A content piece (like a helpful eBook) or service (IT assessment) can make a great giveaway. Just be sure to convey its value to your audience while offering.

Include a Clear Call-to-Action

CTAs are key to spur your target audience and convert them into high-value leads. You can run a fabulous campaign or distribute a great thought leadership piece, but without a successful CTA, your reach will be limited.

Who better understands the significance of a strong call-to-action (CTA) than a marketer? No matter how much compelling copy you put up on your company page, a call-to-action is essential to further engage your audience with your offering. It’s the key to convert a prospect into a hot lead.

Whether you’re asking them to DM you for a special offer or comment below to weigh in on a trending topic, make your ask clear and easy to follow through on.

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