By integrating Narmada and Kaseya, you will get complete visibility and a seamless and efficient way to prepare and present technology business reviews, by having access to easy-to-use online platform and integrations with other popular MSP tools. Regular technology audits enable you to discover technology gaps and security risks, which can be turned into sales opportunities, and you can do it efficiently across multiple clients. Narmada gives you visibility into potential projects and revenue for all your clients.
Integration with Kaseya, as well as RMMs and PSAs, including native Narmada capabilities, allows you to include auto-discovered assets within your audit framework, which increase operational efficiency with tight integrations across all your technology stack. You will get insights on all the metrics pertaining to devices you manage, all in one place, so you can be proactive about issues before they become full-blown disasters, missed projects, or MRR revenue streams.

You can perform technology audits based on MSP and industry frameworks, and deliver reports to your clients. Narmada comes out of the box with easy-to-use MSP technology review frameworks and industry compliance frameworks, such as NIST, PCI, HIPAA, and ISO, enabling you to implement mature approach to auditing, managing, and reporting on your client’s network infrastructure.

Narmada also provides a self-service portal and scheduled reports, which streamline the presentation of findings, recommendations, budgets, roadmaps, actionable alerts, renewals, and end of life assets. Clients can access their Technology Alignment portal, where a single pane of glass provides quick insights into the most important areas of network and security status as well as track, analyze, and report on important data through business intelligence dashboards and custom client reports. Dashboard customization options give you visibility into the business metrics that matter to you.

MSP efficiency is driven by the reduction in accidental “fires” your team needs to deal with by implementing best practices. Narmada can help with meeting SLAs by enabling access to relevant information quickly.

Narmada (founded in 2016) helps MSPs in the following areas:
  • QBR and standards review, presentation & follow up
  • Integration with other popular MSP tools
  • Building of IT, DR and Security policy kits for multiple clients
  • Creating budgets and roadmaps including providing insights into revenue opportunities
  • Compliance
  • Warranty lookups
  • Documentation
  • Report templates and scheduled reports
  • …and more