Looking for Something with a Little More Depth?

Traverse out-performs the competition in the most important aspects of unified performance monitoring – enabling you to create intelligent alerts and service containers that the unique characteristics of your network overtime.

Traverse is Better Than Auvik and Your Business Deserves the Best!

You know every BUSINESS depends on its infrastructure and that infrastructure is getting more and more complex. Traverse monitors your business, your entire infrastructure. Other monitoring solutions only give you a small narrow view of what employees depend upon – they focus on pieces of the business. Traverse allow you to monitor your networks, firewalls, switches, virtual environments, cloud services to KNOW the business you are responsible for is RUNNING at it’s best.

Why settle for Auvik
Netflow, the most basic of networking intelligence, is provided by a 3rd party - so get out your wallet
Alerts flood your team with lots of noise, lack of intelligent alerting
Your business is unique, and so is your monitoring. Auvik doesn't understand how the various parts come together to make your business run
Out of the box it comes with only a few pre-configured metrics. Your team will be investing long days and nights figuring out what to monitor and how
It only comes in one flavor - SaaS. It's in their cloud or forget it...certainly your customers don't care where their data sits or who has access to it
Why are you spending so much time diagnosing connectivity issues?
Network Flow
Smart Alerts
Your business deserves better
Traverse has deep Netflow functionality built in, giving you all the insight you need
Traverse correlates alerts and has smart alert suppression. This means your teams know WHAT to look for and WHERE to find it
Traverse has a unique "Service Container" view that lets you model your business services and ensure up-time of critical systems
Traverse comes with thousands of pre-configured templates for your environment. We've done the work for you
Deploy Traverse to match your business best practices, either on-premise or in the cloud. Same price, more flexibility
Traverse has an easy to deploy extension into your customers environment

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