Kaseya VSA

Policy Based IT Automation

Save time and boost productivity

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Automate Common IT Processes and Remediate Issues

Save Time with Automation
Save Time

Reduce manual effort by automating many common IT processes, such as routine server maintenance and patch management.

Grow Confidently with Automation
Scales With Your Business

VSA scales with the growth of your business by having the capacity to manage tens of thousands of endpoints on a single SaaS instance.

Increase Productivity with Automation
Quickly Resolve Issues

Auto-remediate IT incidents by running scripts in response to an alert. Execute scripts from multiple tools, including the Kaseya Fusion Mobile App.

Respond Instantly with Automation
Automate All of IT

Create, edit and implement automation with the easy-to-use Agent Procedure Editor. Set policies that let you standardize IT management best practices.

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IT Automation With Kaseya VSA Saves Time and Increases Productivity

Kaseya VSA enables policy-based IT automation that dramatically increases your IT team’s productivity. You can now build, customize and edit scripts in the new Agent Procedure Editor built in Kaseya VSA and automate your IT tasks.