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Standard SNMP Device Monitoring Made Easy

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Maintain IT Service Availability with VSA Network Monitoring

Network monitoring is a key function for maintaining IT service availability. It allows IT teams to rapidly detect and respond to an IT issue involving a network device, such as a router or switch, that could disrupt a service.

Kaseya VSA provides standard SNMP device monitoring for routers, switches and printers. Our “zero configuration” standard SNMP monitoring means you have only one thing to do to enable this function.

Simply check a box in VSA.

Zero-Configuration SNMP Device Monitoring

Network Monitoring Tools
Easy SNMP Device Monitoring

Check a box to enable standard SNMP device monitoring in VSA. Easily monitor routers, switches and printers.

Network Alerts Monitoring
Quickly Respond to Alerts

Quickly detect and respond to network device alerts. Resolve IT incidents to maintain system and service availability.

SNMP Device Monitoring Tool
Automatically Take Action

Automatically take action when an alert occurs — create an alarm, generate a ticket and/or send an email notification.

Kaseya Network Monitoring Product Brief Preview

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VSA Network Monitoring and Visualization

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Keep all of your IT systems and services up and running with the following process and VSA capabilities:

VSA is a Unified Remote Monitoring and Management solution that allows you to easily monitor and manage ALL of your endpoints and network devices to maintain service availability.

Monitor key endpoints, such as servers, and all network devices

When an alert occurs on an SNMP Device, it can automatically generate an alarm, ticket and/or email notification

Use the VSA Network Topology Map to identify devices with open alarms—see the red alarm badge on the node

Get detailed asset information from the VSA QuickView Window (accessible from the topology map and other places in VSA)

Jump directly from VSA Network Topology Map to the VSA Alarm Summary page to quickly get more details on the active alarms for that device

Once you have resolved the network device issue you can close the service ticket (if one was created)—check out the integration between VSA and our BMS / Vorex Service Desk solutions