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Vorex Service Desk Improves IT Efficiency and User Satisfaction

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Easily Manage Service Tickets and Quickly Respond to End User Requests

Be More Efficient

With Vorex’s modern user interface, all of your dashboards, reports, and workflows are intuitively designed – making adoption simple, and streamlining your day-to-day activities.

customer satisfaction
Increase Customer Satisfaction

Delight your customers by responding quickly to service requests and resolving IT issues faster and more efficiently.

scale with your company
Scales with Your Business

Vorex’s multi-tenant cloud architecture keeps pace with your business, offering you the flexibility to scale and uniquely accommodate the changing needs of your organization.

unified solutions
Unified Solutions

Cohesive workflows across Vorex and VSA let you optimize your daily IT operations with 30% fewer tickets that are resolved 40% faster – saving you time and money in a way no other solution can.

Kaseya Vorex

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Manage and Resolve Tickets Faster with the Vorex Service Desk

The Kaseya Vorex Service Desk module is the central place to manage all of your enduser support tickets.

Vorex Ticketing
Real-Time Dashboard

The Service Desk dashboard provides helpdesk managers with real-time information about the status and progress of tickets as they move through your company’s support process.


Workflow rules ensure tickets move through your support process in a timely manner and generate alerts for complete visibility.

Centralized View into Your IT Assets

The Asset Management folder is a centralized place to store all your hardware and software asset information.

Easily create and manage all your SLAs

Meet or exceed your users’ expectations with Kaseya Vorex.

Resolve Service Tickets Faster with Kaseya VSA Integration

Launch VSA Live Connect remote endpoint management with the click of a button in Vorex service tickets. Quickly troubleshoot the issue.

School Choice International

Hear From Our Customers

School Choice International Learns that Business Management Can Be Simple with Vorex

Relocating for a job is a complicated process made even more so when an employee has to consider where his or her children will be attending school. School Choice International was founded to ensure that no family would ever have to worry about that process.

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Kaseya Vorex - Service Desk and Service Management

Vorex Service Desk enables midsize businesses to easily create, manage and resolve all of their service requests. It works seamlessly with VSA, IT Glue and VoIP systems for more efficient IT operations. Being a key component of Kaseya’s Omni IT Solution, Vorex provides enhanced business intelligence capabilities, visualization and reporting which empower you to make the right decisions for the growth of your company.

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