Kaseya Connect Global 2024 Kicks Off 

After a pre-day packed with the annual M&A Symposium and the GlueXperience, the main event of Kaseya Connect Global 2024 kicked off with CEO Fred Voccola’s keynote on Tuesday morning.

Introducing Kaseya 365: A Game-Changer in IT Management & Security

The keynote highlight was Kaseya’s much anticipated industry-changing announcement: The unveiling of Kaseya 365. This cutting-edge platform promises to revolutionize how IT professionals manage, secure, back up and automate their workflows across multiple SaaS applications. Kaseya 365 is designed to enhance efficiency, security and scalability, providing users with a more cohesive and integrated experience and truly transform the unit economics of IT and security management.

“We believe that Kaseya 365 is going to create a new golden age for MSPs,” said Voccola. “MSPs can expect to increase their profit per endpoint by upwards of $10 without adding a single customer or making a single sale.”

Kaseya 365 is a game-changer for MSPs “that will make their lives easier and drive revenue.” Kaseya customers who already subscribe to at least one individual component of Kaseya 365 can easily upgrade to a full Kaseya 365 license with an incremental upfront cost. 

Kaseya 365 is available in two tiers. Kaseya 365 Express, which features the core components of comprehensive endpoint management: RMM, advanced software management, antivirus, ransomware detection and endpoint backup, and Kaseya 365 Pro, which includes all of the components of Kaseya 365 Express and adds next-generation endpoint detection and response (EDR).

Kaseya makes Partner First Pledge

While the release of Kaseya 365 was the big news of the day, it wasn’t the only news from Kaseya. Voccola spoke at length about the importance of Kaseya’s investments in its partnership with MSPs, and Kaseya’s commitment to that partnership can be seen in its new Partner First Pledge, which includes:

Profit Loss Protection: Kaseya pledges that it will work with any MSP that experiences the loss of a customer whose services represent 20% or more of the MSP’s spend with Kaseya. Should a customer of that size be lost, Kaseya will adjust the MSP’s license count down to the net amount lost for that account.

Price Lock Guarantee: Many software vendors increase their prices every year, on average by 6 percent. In alignment with their commitment to offer partners top-tier solutions at the most competitive prices, Kaseya will cap any increase in current customers’ product pricing to a maximum of 5%, plus any adjustments necessary for inflation at the time of contract renewal.

“Our price lock guarantee states that we will not raise the price higher than a small amount above the Consumer Price Index,” said Voccola.  

In addition, Kaseya has made one-year contracts more affordable and competitive. While one-year contracts have always been available, one-year pricing has been significantly reduced to make it easier for partners to access and benefit from Kaseya solutions with a shorter-term commitment. 

Beyond the keynote

Beyond the keynote, the focus of many mainstage presentations on Tuesday was leveraging the power of automation. The benefits that AI and automation bring to the table for the multifunctional IT professional were explored in the Kaseya Product Innovation session. Kaseya has invested heavily in increasing the automation and AI capabilities within its solutions. There are currently over 250 fully built automations available in the IT Complete Automation Universe thanks to that investment. 

After the excitement of the keynote, attendees flooded into the bustling exhibition hall. The hall was abuzz with vendors showcasing the latest in IT solutions, tools and services, plus some excellent swag from Kaseya Connect Global’s sponsors. Attendees had the opportunity to engage with technology experts, get hands-on demonstrations and discuss personalized solutions to meet their unique business needs.

Afternoon breakout sessions afforded attendees the opportunity to take deep dives into cybersecurity, automation, business best practices, MSP sales and marketing, and the inner workings of Kaseya 365. These sessions provided valuable learning opportunities, with experts leading informative and interactive discussions. Throughout the afternoon, attendees were also able to further their professional development pursuing Kaseya Certified Expert certifications. 

The week ahead

As always, the innovation, networking and deep dives into the future of IT management at Kaseya Connect Global is unparalleled. There is no shortage of ways for attendees to network, learn more about IT and cybersecurity management and see how Kaseya’s cutting-edge solutions could benefit them. 

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