GlueXperience 2024: Unveiling Innovations and Insights at Kaseya Connect Global

We were thrilled to host our IT Glue partners at GlueXperience, a specialized pre-day event at Kaseya Connect Global 2024 in Las Vegas on Monday, April 29. This annual gathering is dedicated to fostering deeper connections, sharing innovative insights and showcasing the latest advancements in IT documentation and management. It was fantastic to reconnect and experience the incredible momentum of our growing community during a day packed with enlightening sessions. Both our product teams and seasoned IT Glue power users provided invaluable insights, presenting an opportunity to dive into exciting new developments that are transforming the IT documentation landscape.

Introducing IT Glue Copilot

Kaseya CTO and GM of IT Glue, Nadir Merchant, introduced IT Glue Copilot during the keynote. This advanced feature leverages AI technologies such as natural language processing, generative AI, machine learning and traditional intelligence algorithms to revolutionize IT documentation. IT Glue Copilot simplifies the documentation process by automating the creation of related items, offering smart templates and providing intelligent suggestions for relationships based on user preferences and historical data. This tool integrates seamlessly into any stage of an organization’s journey, enhancing accuracy and adaptability in managing IT documentation dynamically. With the launch of IT Glue Copilot, Kaseya takes a monumental leap forward, introducing cutting-edge AI technologies, such as natural language processing, generative AI, machine learning and traditional intelligence algorithms to revolutionize how IT documentation is created, curated, accessed and orchestrated.

Microsoft Entra ID Password Rotation

We also unveiled the Microsoft Entra ID Password Rotation, a new feature designed to enhance security management capabilities within IT Glue. This tool allows IT administrators to manually rotate or establish a rotation schedule for Microsoft Entra ID and Microsoft 365 passwords directly within IT Glue. Extending to both admin and service account passwords, this feature offers a streamlined, secure method to manage and update sensitive credentials, aiming to consolidate password management tools and simplify security operations.

Device Lifecycle Management

Device Lifecycle Management is another key enhancement that has been integrated into IT Glue. This feature enables IT professionals and their clients to effectively manage the lifecycles of devices, from deployment to decommissioning. It integrates seamlessly with products from leading manufacturers like Lenovo, HP and Dell and provides flexibility in setting and tailoring lifecycle policies for client devices. It also ensures timely notifications on policy due dates, allowing for smoother operations and enhanced peace of mind.

Smart Relate: Datto BCDR Appliances to Agents

The Smart Relate: Datto BCDR Appliances to Agents feature automates the linking of backup appliances to agents, providing a comprehensive view of asset backup health. This tool enhances core asset documentation by suggesting relationships across various items such as passwords, devices, contacts, locations, domains and documents whenever similarities are detected, significantly saving time and improving operational efficiency.

Future innovations and panel insights

To get the true essence of IT Glue’s secret sauce, three amazing IT Glue Power Users were invited to join GlueXperience:

  • Brad Dunning, Director of Integration Services at Networking Technologies and Support
  • Chad Wiggins, Co-Founder and Director of Business Development at PulseOne
  • Jason LaPorte, Chief Technology Officer and Chief Information Security Officer at Power Consulting Group

They shared their first-hand experience and insights on utilizing IT Glue and leveraging all it offers to achieve an incredible ROI, higher efficiency and seamless automation power like never before. With IT Glue at the heart of their businesses, our panel members had some priceless tips and tricks to take IT documentation to the next level. Collectively, these leaders stress the importance of IT Glue in enhancing MSP operations, suggesting that through careful planning, targeted integration and fostering a strong documentation ethos, MSPs can achieve significant operational benefits.

Workshops and learning sessions

IT professionals at GlueXperience were immersed in workshops brimming with practical insights. The “Automation Workshop” highlighted the essential role of AI and APIs in modernizing IT documentation, providing tools like AI prompts and API scripts to integrate into IT Glue’s open framework. “Beyond the Frontlines” shifted focus to the strategic side of IT service, encouraging professionals to demonstrate their value beyond ticket resolution by adopting strategic planning and tools like automatic payments and the Kaseya quote manager. Additional workshops like the “IT Trifecta” and “Maximize IT Documentation ROI” offered strategies to turbocharge service delivery and uncover IT Glue’s latent potential, ensuring attendees walked away with a toolkit of tips for immediate application.

Anticipating what’s next at Kaseya Connect Global

Thank you to everyone who joined us. Your engagement and enthusiasm make our community stronger, and we look forward to continuing this journey together, ensuring that every day is an opportunity to innovate and improve with IT Glue. Stay tuned for more recaps, exciting highlights and product updates from Kaseya Connect Global 2024.

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