Kaseya® VSA

With VSA you will manage both endpoints AND infrastructure, scale using included automation, and increase the speed and efficiency at which your technicians' function.


Network & Endpoint Management In One Native Application

RMM 2.0 unifies network and endpoint management into a single product. This is a native architecture, not a ‘loose integration’; the product was built from the ground up to function as a single solution with one interface, one architecture, and one view of the entire network infrastructure.


Global Crowd-Sourced Automation Creation & Sharing

Equip any IT team with a force- multiplying crowd-sourced army of automation engineers with our revolutionary Automation Exchange™ market. You are future-proofed against challenges you haven’t yet faced thanks to a global team of peers building what you need.


Instant & Dynamic Documentation Generation & Retrieval

RMM 2.0 includes an unprecedented instant and dynamic documentation engine, dubbed AssetIQ™, which automatically and instantly updates documentation so your technicians always have access to the latest information right when, and where, they need it.

IT Automation

Deploy policy-based automation with proactive remediation to increase productivity and allow you to do more with your existing staff. Automate deployment of software, manage patches, control identity and access, and proactively resolve issues across your complete environment with the push of a button.

Automation Framework

Kaseya’s powerful Automation Engine allows you create scripts that solve your most critical and labor intensive problems. It’s time to evolve your IT processes and operations with VSA.

Automation Exchange

Kaseya’s open marketplace for sharing, buying, and selling agent procedures, monitor sets, reports, templates and more. Join Kaseya’s Community to share resources and automate your IT.

Welcome to Your New & Improved Life in IT

We’ve built Kaseya VSA with the intention of making your business stronger and more efficient. With that in mind, here are some key benefits you’ll experience once you make your move to Kaseya VSA.

Improved Profitability

Your success is at the forefront of our development and business decisions. With VSA you’ll have the opportunity to improve your bottom line.

Increased Efficiency

Get more accomplished in less time, which means more time for family and friends!

Compliance Made Easy

Meet and exceed your service expectations of your customers.

Happy Customers

Faster and more efficient services means happier customers and longer retention.

The Power to Choose

We’ve built our products to work as an open platform, allowing you to choose the solutions that work best for your business.

Easy to Use

As simple as you want it to be. As powerful as you need it to be.