Kaseya ® NOC ServicesComplete NOC Monitoring and Management Services

Scale immediately without expensive overhead and enhance profitability with 24x7 services.

  • Augment Your Staff with Kaseya NOC Services

  • Starting your MSP business?

  • Struggling to staff appropriately while expanding your business?

  • Looking to provide around-the-clock coverage?

  • Kaseya NOC Services can help. Designed to let you scale quickly, Kaseya NOC Services delivers the monitoring and management services you need to extend your existing in-house staff and meet your customer demands. Even better, you have the flexibility to choose the exact level of service that’s right for your business.

Kaseya NOC Services Benefits

Getting started with Kaseya NOC Services is quick and easy so you can immediately start realizing the benefits:

  • Scale immediately without expensive overhead
  • Meet and exceed service level expectations
  • Free up staff to focus on new ways to add value
  • Maintain complete control over end user interaction
  • Enhance your bottom-line profitability with 24x7 services
  • In addition, you have immediate access to Kaseya’s best practice monitoring set and troubleshooting methodology.

Supplement Your Staff – On Your Terms

You can sign up for Kaseya NOC Services to suit your own business needs. Enroll your endpoints into the appropriate service level on a mix-and-match basis to best meet your business needs. You can always add or remove endpoints or move them from one plan to another at any time.

In addition, you can deploy Kaseya NOC Services 24x7 as a permanent ‘virtual’ member of your staff or to close temporary gaps in your existing staff coverage. For example, have Kaseya NOC Services take over monitoring when your technicians are sleeping, during vacations, or as backup for power outages in your main office.

Simple Account Management and Administration

Managing your Kaseya NOC Services is easy. You can simply and securely streamline account activation, enrollment and billing, as well as access reports. Billing is simple – you are billed at the end of each month based on the number of endpoints enrolled at each service plan level


Perfect for MSPs who needs access to NOC engineers help ensure the health, availability and performance of your IT infrastructure on a 24x7 basis. Count on our services to review alarms, filter for false alarms, and escalate issues to your team. You can customize monitoring thresholds,configuring notification and escalation policies. You maintain complete control over usage, data collection and end user interaction. Highlights of the Monitor service are the following:

  • 24x7 monitoring of Microsoft Windows servers/workstations/network devices
  • Access to Kaseya’s best-practice Monitoring Library
  • Flexible notification options, including phone, email and text (SMS)
  • Troubleshooting and alarm-resolution tips based on Kaseya best practice
  • Scheduled and ad hoc reports, providing operational and executive summaries


In addition to all the services in the Monitor service level, Kaseya NOC engineers will perform remediation of alarms based on an agreed-upon set of tasks and run lists. In addition, you get access to a Technical Services Desk to assign tasks such as user account creation, adjusting permissions, resetting user passwords, adding printers and printer queues, etc. Following are the highlights of the Manage service:

  • All benefits of Monitor-level Kaseya NOC Services
  • Remediation of alarms based on mutually agreed workflows and best practices
  • Technical Service Desk, through which you can assign routine task to the Kaseya NOC engineers

Level 3MANAGE +

This level of service is designed for MSPs who want their IT team to focus on high-value customer engagements. Besides delivering all the services in the Manage level, this service allows you to offload other common tasks. Manage+ service highlights include:

  • All benefits of Manage-level Kaseya NOC Services
  • Kaseya Patch Management
  • Kaseya Antivirus and Anti-malware Management
  • Kaseya Backup Management

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The thing I like most about Kaseya’s IT services is that it’s really an extension of our business.”

They’re there 24x7x365. Watching over all the monitoring, all the noise that’s being created and suppressing the issues… resolving the issues on the fly without having to hire staff. They’re providing us the proactive care we need. They’re providing that proactive side where I don’t have to hire that proactive team here for IT Guru.

JOE AXNE - President, IT-Guru