Grow Your Bottom Line With nMaaS

Network Monitoring as a Service: Grow Your Bottom Line

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In today’s digital world, companies of all sizes run on a myriad of hardware and software technologies, both on-prem and in the cloud. As you already know, managing these solutions simultaneously is a skill not easily found. Technology spending shows no signs of slowing down, and it is imperative that your business customers proactively monitor and manage their IT infrastructure. Kaseya can help.

With our Network Management as a Service (NMaaS) package, based on Kaseya Traverse software, you can offer clients of any size the monitoring and management capabilities they need. You can also ramp your monthly recurring revenue with a valuable service that keeps your customers business running smoothly.

With NMaaS by Kaseya, you receive:

  • Our NMaaS package that gives you the tools to and know-how required to start selling profitably
  • Monitoring of all your customers’ networked infrastructure through one single unified console
  • Business-focused network management that will exceed your customers’ expectations

Watch this recorded webinar to learn how Traverse can help you solve your customers’ biggest challenges in performance monitoring and network management.