The only unified IT platform purpose-built for today’s global campus

Transform your IT department from cost center to service delivery organization to enable students and faculty to work more effectively.


Architected to Empower Universities to Thrive

Kaseya IT Complete for Higher Education provides institutions of higher learning with the comprehensive toolkit to cut costs and maximize resources while delivering the rich user experience that students, faculty and administrators have come to expect.

Designed for the Technology Needs of Today’s Campus

With Kaseya IT Complete for Higher Education your time is freed up to tackle broader, more complex institutional initiatives, turning the IT department into a strategic business partner adept at meeting user needs in today’s service-oriented culture.

Endpoint Management

Transform your campus with a fully integrated IT management platform that delivers better service and improves IT efficiency, empowering your IT department to complete its transition from being a cost center stretched thin managing, deploying and securing technology to being a pivotal piece of the service-oriented culture driving your University's success.

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Project Management

Simplify the operational execution that complicates and fills your day and get straight to delivery with Kaseya IT Complete for Higher Education's cloud-based business management platform. By automating project management, resource allocation, time tracking, and other services, you can focus on initiatives to help students, faculty, administrators and staff work more effectively.

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Security and Compliance

Bypass the operational complexity that fills your day and go straight to a proactive strategy with Kaseya IT Complete for Higher Education. By streamlining and prioritizing your project efforts, documenting services delivered, and allowing a more efficient means for IT to communicate with students, faculty and administrators, the Kaseya Service Delivery concept provides a more proactive path to operational excellence.

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Network Management

Solve your biggest in performance monitoring and management challenges by monitoring on-premise, in the cloud, and hybrid systems from this single action-oriented platform.

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Cloud Management

Centrally manage multiple cloud services through one interface to drive efficiencies and further improve security.

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Some of the world’s leading educational institutions use Kaseya


Benefits of Kaseya IT Complete for Higher Education

Kaseya IT Complete for Higher Education offers the potential of numerous benefits for your campus. With the end-to-end solution you will be able to:


Optimize Resources

Easy-to-use standardized solutions managed through a single pane of glass. Customizable automation workflows and policy management ensure every problem is resolved and processes are scaled and compliant.


Ensure Security & Compliance

Protect student, faculty, and staff data -- including financial information, healthcare and social services -- and ace regulatory compliance requirements with layered data security and compliance.


Maximize Value

Reap the full value of technology in a highly distributed and ever-expanding environment designed to enable you to do more with less and extract more value from overextended and limited IT resources.

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