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Understand, plan and build your GDPR compliance strategy today. If you have data on European customers, then the implications – and potentially costly ramifications – of GDPR apply to you.

What is GDPR?

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a regulation by which the European Parliament, the Council of the European Union and the European Commission intend to strengthen and unify data protection for all individuals within the European Union (EU). It also addresses the export of personal data outside the EU.

Personal data is any information related to a person that can be used to identify the person, including a name, a photo, an email address, bank details, posts on social networking websites, medical information, or a computer IP address.

Why GDPR is Important

Liability and Fines

Organizations can be fined up to 4% of annual global turnover for breaching GDPR or €20 Million.

You're not under the radar!

These rules apply to both controllers and processors — meaning ‘clouds’ and data intermediaries will not be exempt from GDPR enforcement. If you’re wondering if GDPR applies to you, it probably does.

Who Does it impact?

The GDPR not only applies to organizations located within the EU but it will also apply to organizations located outside of the EU if they offer goods or services to, or monitor the behavior of, EU data subjects. It applies to all companies processing and holding the personal data of data subjects residing in the European Union, regardless of the company’s location.

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How does Kaseya help?


You can’t secure what you can’t see.

Discover all the endpoints on your network so you can ensure they’re being patched and secured properly to mitigate the risk of a data breach.


Most data breaches occur because of unpatched vulnerabilities more than 5 years old.

Automation/Policy Management

Create policies, standardize your processes, and manage exceptions to make passing GDPR audits a breeze.

Security Integration
  • Antivirus
  • Antimalware
  • Backup
  • AAoD (with a VSA slant — protect your endpoints)
Regular Reporting
  • And VSA makes this so easy!
  • NEW GDPR technology compliance reports. Find on Automation Exchange for FREE.
  • Also AuthAnvil!

When does GDPR go into effect?

The GDPR was approved and adopted by the EU Parliament in April 2016. The regulation will take effect after a two-year transition period and, unlike a Directive it does not require any enabling legislation to be passed by government; meaning it will be in force May 2018.

You need to start preparing now! You have only 8 months to be in FULL compliance or face major fines.

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