Now Introducing… The Kaseya Center!

The Market Leader in IT and Security Management partners team up with Miami-Dade County on multi-year partnership.

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The Official IT Solutions Provider of the Miami Heat

Kaseya and the Miami Heat have formed a strategic partnership to improve the Heat’s IT infrastructure. As the market leader in IT & Security Management, the collaboration aims to streamline operations and enhance efficiency, resulting in improved performance, stability, and security.

Kaseya With the Assist!

In partnership with Miami-Dade County, Kaseya is committed to driving innovation, supporting community initiatives, and educating entrepreneurs.

Workforce Development for Community Members

Kaseya is offering its Remote IT and Security Management (RITSM) certification program to students and professionals across Greater Miami.

Business Education for Entrepreneurs and Innovators

Kaseya is making access to these various sets of exclusive educational assets available to local Miami companies.

Internship Programs

Kaseya is working collaboratively with Miami-Dade County and its agencies to place interns in various departments including sales, finance, marketing, operations, and administration.

Volunteer Programs

Kaseya is working with Miami-Dade County to activate the company’s significant employee base to help in several areas, including mentoring and supporting at-risk youth.

Frequently Asked Questions

Kaseya has achieved tremendous growth over the last few years, and that has positioned our company to invest in our brand and raise the profile of the entire IT industry through the sponsorship of one of the most important entertainment venues in the world. As the Kaseya name becomes more widely known, our customers will benefit because their key stakeholders will recognize our name and some customers will be offered access to special experiences at the venue.

Starting in July 2023 Kaseya will host industry events from time to time at the Kaseya Center exclusively for Kaseya customers.

Beginning in July 2023, Kaseya customers will be eligible to get access to special events hosted at the Kaseya Center including concerts and other experiences. When the 2023-2024 NBA season begins in October 2023, Kaseya and our partners will host customers at over 40 exciting Miami Heat home games in premium seats.

The phonetic spelling of Kaseya is kuh-SAY-uh.

Kaseya is a Market Leader in IT & Security Management solutions. Our solutions are used by more than 500,000 IT professionals globally to manage and secure more than 300 MILLION devices.