A Successful History of M&A

Kaseya’s mission is to serve the over-burdened multi-function IT professional with a complete, integrated, and cost-effective set of solutions for IT & Security management.

To cover the ever-expanding needs of the modern IT professional, Kaseya has often sought to acquire best-in-breed technology companies that complement our vision while providing our customers with proven solutions they already trust.  When united with acquired partners, Kaseya has been able to deliver a robust solution for every need with time-saving workflow integrations that can be counted on for the long term, all while lowering the costs of acquired solutions – making already attractive solutions instantly better and more efficient values for our customers.

With every acquisition we’ve made, Kaseya strives to NOT change what made these companies great; We invest to accelerate their greatness opposed to changing what works. To ensure that happens, in every acquisition we:

  • maintain the independence and brand of the acquired companies to ensure they continue with their culture and approach to innovation,
  • we substantially increase the investment in Product and R&D of those companies to accelerate innovation and integrations,
  • retain the employees of the company, substantially increase hiring and investment, and bring on many of the executives of the acquired companies to the executive team at Kaseya,
  • make each and every acquired product MORE AFFORDABLE than they were prior to our buying them.

…just look at the track record of Kaseya acquisitions.

Our Acquisition Track Record

Acquired: 2022

Kaseya’s acquisition of Datto strengthens its IT Complete platform with an enhanced array of best-in-class solutions to help increase MSP efficiency and profitability. Kaseya announced that at least 17 workflow integrations between Datto products and the Kaseya platform are planned within the first month, and 100% of commercial integrations are anticipated to be completed within 120 days. Customers can immediately expect substantial investments focused on upgrades and innovations to all Datto product offerings.

Acquired: 2016

Having pioneered a new tenet in the MSP industry with IT Documentation, the acquisition of IT Glue allowed Kaseya to set a new standard for IT Operations within the IT industry at large. Since the acquisition, IT Glue's userbase has grown from just 1,000 to well over 10,000 today. Its deep workflow integrations across Kaseya's suite of products and with other core industry tools makes it one of the most widely used and depended upon IT tools around the globe. New game-changing features like Runbooks, Checklists, Vault, and new product add-ons like MyGlue™ and Network Glue™ have kept IT Glue at the forefront of IT Documentation.

  • Solution & Growth Investment
    • Over 375% growth
    • ~$50MM additional R&D investment, 1,625+ Software Releases, 90+ Major features launched, 35 new integrations
    • Key Additions/Features: MyGlue and Network Glue
  • People & Culture
    • 34 employees at acquisition, 181 today; a 500% increase
    • 2 original executives serve on Kaseya leadership team:
      • Nadir Merchant, GM IT Operations
      • Holly Pateman, SVP Product Marketing
    • GlueX 2022 conference in its 5th year
  • Lowered Pricing
Acquired: 2019

With the acquisition of ID Agent, Kaseya furthered its IT security management suite by adding end-user protection to its existing infrastructure protection suite. ID Agent's award-winning products, including Dark Web ID™, the channel's first dark web monitoring platform, and BullPhish ID™, a first-of-its-kind phishing simulator and security awareness training platform, further strengthens Kaseya's IT Complete vision in infrastructure management security solutions to provide complete protection. Since the acquisition, ID Agent put Dark Web Monitoring as a Service on the map for MSPs, and its BullPhish ID product has evolved training and certification functionality alongside the growing needs of both MSPs and internal teams into a now must-have service. Since the acquisition, the ID Agent userbase has more than doubled, now servicing over 5,000 MSPs and Internal IT teams around the globe.

  • Solution & Growth Investment
    • 152% growth
    • ~$13M increase in R&D investment, 72+ Software Releases, 250+ Major features launched, 14 new integrations
    • Key Additions/Features: BullPhish ID (Security Awareness Training), TOR Markets & Data Sources, Company Profile Tool, QBR Reports, End-customer Management, Task Automations. + ITC Integrations
  • People & Culture
    • 38 employees at acquisition, 93 today; a 300% increase
    • 2 original executives serve on Kaseya leadership team:
      • Dana Liedholm, SVP Corporate Communications and Marketing
      • Dan Tomaszewski, SVP Channel & Community
  • Lowered Pricing
Acquired: 2018

As an innovator in IT reporting, Kaseya's acquisition of RapidFire Tools opened a whole new realm of auditing and compliance management for its partners, allowing them to augment their service offerings and showcase their value to their end customers like never before. Kaseya's continued investment in the RapidFireTools products has raised the bar for MSPs' audit and compliance offerings, while maintaining a low-cost advantage. The RapidFireTools userbase has more than doubled in size since its acquisition and continues to expand at an accelerated rate.

  • Solution & Growth Investment
    • Over 93% growth
    • ~$14M increase in R&D investment, 288+ Software Releases, 235+ Major features launched, 17 new integrations
    • Key Additions/Features: Backup for Microsoft OneNote, Backup for Microsoft Teams, Dark Web Monitoring for M365 and Google, Bring Your Own Key, MSP management portal, Compliance Manager GRC™, VulScan™
  • People & Culture
    • 42 employees at acquisition, 124 today; a 300% increase
    • 4 original executives serve on Kaseya leadership team:
      • Michael Mittel, GM RapidFire Tools
      • Mark Winter, VP Sales
      • Win Pham, VP Development
      • Bob Vogel, VP Product Marketing
  • Lowered Pricing
Acquired: 2021

The acquisition of RocketCyber made Kaseya IT Complete the only offering in the market to deliver managed 24x7 managed SOC, for a truly comprehensive, end-to-end cybersecurity suite that tackles today's modern-day threats. The Managed SOC service doubled down on Kaseya's investment in the security suite to provide customers with access to experts who continuously monitor their IT environments without the cost and complexity of disparate tools. Since the acquisition, Kaseya has quadrupled the size of the SOC analyst team, built out geographically dispersed data centers, added support for 11 new device types.

  • Solution & Growth Investment
    • 504% growth
    • ~$5.5M increase in R&D investment, 26 New releases, 6+ Major new features
    • Key Additions/Features: 8+ new integrations, including Cisco FirePower, Palo Alto, Graphus, Check Point, RHEL & CENTOS Linux, Cisco Duo, Sophos, Zyxel and more
    • 5x the number of SOC Analysts
  • People & Culture
    • 12 employees at acquisition, 60 today
    • 2 original executives serve on Kaseya leadership team:
      • Carl Banzhof, GM RocketCyber
      • Billy Austin, VP Security Solutions
  • Lowered Pricing
Acquired: 2019

The acquisition of TruMethods and integration of myITprocess™ with IT Glue delivered a powerful, high-value virtual CIO (vCIO) software module for MSPs. Bringing on the industry's leading business transformation organization, and the training, peer group, and software from TruMethods, allowed Kaseya to help MSPs build more successful businesses, and more strategic relationships with their customers. Deep integration between myITprocess and IT Glue provides unparalleled knowledge sharing, efficiency, and profitability for MPSs.

  • Solution & Growth Investment
    • 53% growth
  • People & Culture
    • 17 employees at acquisition, 35 today; A 100% increase
    • 1 original executive serves on Kaseya leadership team:
      • Gary Pica, GM TruMethods
    • Schnizzfest 2023 conference in its 11th year
  • Lowered Pricing
Acquired: 2020

The acquisition and integration of Graphus, a powerful automated phishing defense software that expanded the capabilities of Kaseya's award-winning IT Complete. With hybrid and remote work paradigms and cloud email adoption at an all-time high, businesses had an even greater need for strong cybersecurity defenses to avoid devastating data breaches and financial consequences. Graphus enhanced Kaseya's security suite with a simple, automated, powerful, and cost-effective email security and phishing defense platform. Integration between Graphus and ID Agent enable MSPs to leverage real world phishing attempts captured by Graphus to be used in security awareness training via BullPhish ID. With phishing attacks on the rise, Kaseya customers can amplify their existing suite of security tools with Graphus' powerful automated email defense to create the most comprehensive, end-to-end security stack possible. Kaseya's investment in Graphus allowed the product to evolve quickly. The customer base increased a staggering 1600%, less than two years after the acquisition.

  • Solution & Growth Investment
    • 6571% growth
    • ~$7M increase in R&D investment, 28+ Software Releases, 100+ Major features launched, 2 new integrations
    • Key Additions/Features: Phish911, Internal Attacks Detection, GDPR Compliance, MSP Release - branding, self-service features, API for 3rd Party integrations
  • People & Culture
    • 12 employees at acquisition, 45 today
    • 2 original executives serve on Kaseya leadership team:
      • Manoj Srivastava, GM Graphus
      • Vishal Dixit, VP Product
  • Lowered Pricing
Acquired: 2018

Following the successful OEM relationship between Kaseya and Unitrends, the merger enabled the combined businesses to support the Kaseya IT Complete vision of delivering the most complete, end-to-end IT management solution.

Unitrends' kept its laser focus on providing best-in-class BCDR and Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) solutions to IT leaders around the globe, as well as their commitment to their distribution and reseller channel partners. The merger then gave Unitrends access to speak to thousands of Kaseya's MSP customers, and the opportunity to design, build and deliver BCDR solutions customized to solve the challenges of MSPs.

The deep integrations between Unitrends and Kaseya's other modules via the Integration Hub have resulted in efficiency gains for the overburdened IT professional that are difficult to attain through the cosmetic integrations between partners. Since the acquisition, Unitrends' userbase has more than doubled in size, now extending into over 30 countries around the globe.

  • Solution & Growth Investment
    • Over 150% growth
    • ~$28M increase in R&D investment, 129+ Software Releases, 250+ Major features launched, 8 new integrations
    • Key Additions/Features: EndPoint Backup, UniView management portal, Recovery Series Gen 8, Recovery Series Gen 9, Recovery Series MAX, ION Series
  • People & Culture
    • 180 employees at acquisition, 360 today; a 100% increase
    • 3 original executives serve on Kaseya leadership team:
      • Joe Noonan, GM, Backup and Disaster Recovery
      • Jenn Sipala, VP Product Marketing
      • Dan Wixon, VP Customer Support
  • Lowered Pricing