Automate Patch Management with Kaseya VSA

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Patch management should be a set-and-forget, risk-based process that is automated for optimal results. Unfortunately, many IT departments and MSPs are still stuck in the cycle of constant patch chasing.

But there is a better way! By leveraging Kaseya VSA’s futuristic patching capabilities, you can improve your cybersecurity, reduce your tech and sysadmin workload, and finally have time for more exciting projects.

In fact, strong patch compliance is the first line of defense against the rising threat of ransomware. Poor patch compliance is responsible for over 50% of ransomware attacks due to end-users blocking patches. Yet, with multiple and often conflicting sources of patch and vulnerability data, making informed patching decisions can be difficult.

Watch this on-demand webinar for tips and tricks on automating this manual (and frequently confusing) task and to learn more about:

  • How patching is one of your best defenses against cybercriminals
  • Why achieving patch compliance is such a tough task
  • How to leverage CVSS and CVE scores to ensure the most important patches are never missed
  • How to radically improve your patch deployment success rate
  • How to use best-in-class endpoint management solutions can turn a PC on in the middle of the night, patch it and turn it off again

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