Say No to Ransomware by Ensuring Patch Compliance

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A cyberattack can strike at any time, leaving your business exposed. The high-profile ransomware attack on Medibank has left many Australian CISOs, CIOs and their teams scurrying to review and strengthen their cybercrime mitigation efforts.

Rather than reacting to security alerts, stay on top of your cybersecurity efforts. The first line of defence against many vulnerabilities exploited in attacks is patching. Watch our recent on-demand webinar Say No to Ransomware Attacks by Ensuring Patch Compliance [include link] to learn:

How patching is the best defence against cybercriminals

  • How to upgrade to a modern patching system that leverages automation and is more efficient at applying critical patches.
  • Why achieving patch compliance is such a tough task
  • How to radically improve your patch deployment success rate

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