Patch Management

Kaseya Patch Management Software automatically keeps servers, workstations and remote computers up-to-date with the latest important security patches and software updates.

Stay on Top of Your Software's Important Updates

IT Professionals know that when their network is at risk, the organization is at risk. It is a challenging task to keep up with and apply security or software changes within the IT infrastructure. Especially if the networks span multiple locations, include multiple domains, traverse multiple firewalls, and include remote and home users.

Network Patch management is not just scanning for and applying fixes. Often patches need to be deployed in a test environment, undergo an approval process or require multiple steps to deploy. Kaseya provides the tools and infrastructure to enforce policies and to easily address the complexities of software and security patch deployment.


Patch Management Software automatically keeps servers, workstations and remote computers up-to-date.

Product Features


Cloud Based Architecture

The unique Cloud based architecture of Kaseya means that no site servers, dedicated hardware or appliances are required. IT administrators can easily manage systems on small or large, local or remote sites and even roaming machines with no need for VPNs or special configuration.

Through a simple lightweight download, Kaseya delivers high value services with less required resources on your managed systems. And whether you have multiple or single domains (or none at all), Kaseya fits easily into your existing environment.


Automated Patch Deployment

  • Schedule by time, computer, group or user defined collections of computers.
  • Simultaneously deploy all required patches across machines.
  • Combine your rollout strategy and policy enforcement in one tool.
  • Maximize uptime by controlling schedules and reboot scenarios.
  • Quick and simple to take control

    • Up and running in minutes.
    • The Kaseya system automatically installs needed software components transparently.
    • Policy based approach allows set-and-forget simplicity.
  • Flexible Configuration

    • Specify central download points on sites to conserve bandwidth.
    • Control user notifications and interaction.
    • Group machines based on locations, security or policy requirement.
  • Ensure Patch Compliance

    • Scans networks for installed and missing security patches.
    • Automates the tedious process of researching.
    • Detects vulnerabilities.
    • Identifies which patches are installed and date installed.
    • Determines which patches are needed.
    • Monitors and maintains patch compliance for entire enterprise.
  • Comprehensive Reports

    • Graphical reports with drill-down capability.
    • Use filters to customize reports for security and compliance checks.
    • Scheduled and email reports to recipients with an approval process.


Automatic Update obeys the policies from within the Kaseya IT Automation Framework.