Why You Need to Talk About Cyber Insurance With SMBs

Over the last few years, we’ve watched cybercriminals increasingly targeting small and midsize businesses, while many small business owners still think that their company isn’t large enough to be at risk.

As an IT service provider, you know that even if small businesses invest heavily in cybersecurity solutions, there is no guarantee that a breach won’t occur. In the event that their cybersecurity measures aren’t enough to keep hackers out, they need a backup plan to help them survive the cost of a breach. Educating your audience about the importance of cyber insurance is the most practical way you can help.

How does speaking about cyber insurance help you sell your MSP services?

You might be wondering how recommending cyber insurance to your clients will help you sell your MSP services. Since insurance providers are wary of taking on excessive risk, they’ve made it harder to receive coverage in an effort to protect themselves. This means if your customers’ cybersecurity posture is weak or they don’t meet the policy requirements, they won’t qualify for coverage. They’ll need a robust cybersecurity solution to be eligible for cyber insurance.

This is an excellent opportunity for your MSP to protect your customers and ensure they qualify for coverage and receive a payout in the event of an incident by offering the right cybersecurity solutions that comply with their policy requirements. 

Another question might pop up in your head: How am I supposed to approach my customers about this?

We’ve created a complete marketing campaign to help you explain the benefits of cyber insurance to your customers and prospects and exactly how you can help them qualify for coverage. 

Not only does Kaseya provide you with robust cybersecurity solutions, but we also offer a channel sales and marketing program called Powered Services Pro to help you educate customers about your service offerings.

By signing up for Powered Services Pro today, you can access a 32-piece marketing campaign of email templates, infographics, checklists, social media ads/videos and much more that you can customize and use to educate your audience about cyber insurance coverage and sell your MSP services.   

Plus, we provide a brand new Done-4-U Social Posting Program for free with Powered Services Pro membership. Using our scheduled monthly social posts created for you, you can easily build a consistent social presence. You can even co-brand the graphic designs and edit the posts that are planned for you.

We Have a Lot More in Store for You

Marketing and sales materials alone won’t necessarily get you to the stage of being sales-ready. That’s why we always include MSP Enablement with every monthly Pro campaign (yes, customers get a new 32-piece campaign each month).  

 What’s that? Let’s walk you through:

  • A one-hour coaching session, which you can attend live or watch later, to prepare you to talk about this subject with your audience
  • Dedicated 1:1 coaching when you need it
  • A detailed resource guide with additional collateral to enhance your campaign’s success

As your partner, we will provide you with enough templates and coaching services to ensure you are fully prepared to educate and offer the right solutions to your customers.   

It can take months to produce sales and marketing materials on your own. Let us generate the marketing assets for you, so you can focus on high-value tasks that will drive revenue for your business.

Let’s Begin

Don’t lose out on this opportunity by waiting or being hesitant. Your customers and prospects need your help to qualify for cyber insurance coverage. It’s a hard task for them to accomplish on their own. Offer the right cybersecurity solutions to help them stay compliant and ensure they are eligible for a payout in the event of a breach.

Reach out to your Kaseya account manager to find out how you can get started with Powered Services Pro today.

Already a member? Get it now.

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