Kaseya Closes Acquisition of Datto with Promise to Boost Innovation

Significant workflow integrations and product investment planned to augment IT Complete platform. Read on for frequently asked questions regarding Kaseya’s acquisition of Datto.

Press Release M&A Strategy

Why did Kaseya decide to acquire Datto?

When Kaseya began discussions with Datto, it was apparent that both companies had customer-centric cultures that were focused on providing MSPs and other customers with solutions that truly addressed the pain points of the multi-function IT professional. Datto’s amazing products, highly regarded brand, innovative culture and incredible employees made them the perfect fit for Kaseya. This acquisition allows Kaseya to help ALL our customers thrive in this rapidly changing tech ecosystem.

Why should the channel be excited about this?

This acquisition will combine Datto’s world-class customer experience and support and Kaseya’s complementary products and strategies that drive innovation and global market development. Together, we can provide MSPs around the globe with broader and better integrated solutions to tackle their most pressing challenges. Kaseya and Datto have always been committed to helping our customers succeed, and this acquisition provides even more opportunities for innovation across the MSP channel. We’re excited about what’s to come!

Does this acquisition mean Kaseya will no longer sell to internal IT departments?

If it does continue to sell to internal IT teams, will it be competing with the channel? Kaseya will continue to provide our products to both MSPs and internal IT teams as we have previously done. We highly value our channel partners and work hard to provide them best-in-class solutions to ensure their success, as Kaseya only succeeds when our partners are successful.

How will this acquisition impact the pricing of Datto’s products for current and future customers?

Customers will see an impact almost immediately – they can expect investment and innovation to go up and Datto prices to come down. This acquisition enhances our ability to ensure a seamless experience that addresses the need of the multi-function IT professional at a price that is 1/3 less than competitors. In fact, we are announcing today that the list pricing on all Datto technology will be reduced ON AVERAGE 10% on new purchases. Now what does this mean? Some products’ list prices will come down more than 10%, while other list prices will remain the same. For example, our networking line is already priced right so we will not be reducing those list prices, but other products like our Datto RMM and Datto PSA LIST prices will come down at the higher end of the price reduction range. With this pricing change, Kaseya continues to provide the ONLY purpose-built platform for the MSP that is priced right!

What changes should Datto and Kaseya customers expect once this acquisition is finalized? Will products be merged or phased out?

Datto customers will continue to receive the same quality of solutions and service they always have. There are no plans to merge or phase out any Datto products and all products will continue to be supported and continue to be improved and innovated.

Should existing Datto customers expect changes to product support or functionality after this acquisition?

There are no plans to end development or support for any of Datto’s products. Customers can immediately expect substantial investment focused on product innovations and integrations to increase efficiency and drive better utilization of product features, with the world-class support they are accustomed to. Customers will maintain choice, and all existing options will continue to receive upgrades.

Where will Datto be headquartered now?

Datto is now part of Kaseya, and our global headquarters is located in Miami, FL. Datto’s office in Norwalk, CT will continue to operate as a regional office.

Who will be leading Datto under the new structure?

Fred Voccola is the CEO of Kaseya, and will continue to lead the company.

Will the Datto brand remain intact, like in past acquisitions by Kaseya?

Kaseya will continue to maintain Datto’s brand, products, and services following the acquisition.

Is DattoCon still moving forward?

DattoCon22 is scheduled for September 11 – 13, 2022 in Washington, D.C. and the event will be bigger and better than ever – we can’t wait to see you there!

How will Kaseya and Datto products be integrated and how long will it take to integrate the solutions?

Integrations currently exist between Kaseya and Datto products. Kaseya has announced that at least 17 workflow integrations are planned within the first month, and 100% of commercial integrations are anticipated to be completed within 120 days.

Will customers end up with two account managers?

Kaseya and Datto are already working to streamline the account management organizations, to ensure customers continue receiving the top-tier service they have come to expect.

What can we expect from the Datto roadmap—will product development timelines change significantly?

There are no plans to change current roadmap items. After the transaction closes, future changes may be made only to meet our customers’ needs.

How long was this deal in the works?

Kaseya has been keenly interested in acquiring Datto for more than two years, and the time was right early this year to start investigating the possibility.

Where can customers learn more about the transaction?

You can read the full press release here and learn more about Kaseya’s acquisition strategy here (https://www.kaseya.com/merger-acquisition-strategy/).