Quotes Regarding the Acquisition of Datto

Fred Voccola, CEO of Kaseya, has discussed the Datto acquisition with various news outlets since the announcement. He has reiterated Kaseya’s commitment to preserve Datto’s legendary brand and culture of MSP Partner Success, as well as his promise to continue support for all Datto products.

  • All products will be supported moving forward
  • Customers can choose solutions based on preferences and needs
  • All products will be integrated into IT Complete
  • Plans to increase investment in R&D
  • Keeping the Datto brand and culture
  • DattoCon will continue as one of the premiere MSP community events
  • No plans to shut down Datto offices

Read on for excerpts from some of these interviews, as well as comments from MSPs in the community.

The Channel Pro Network

“Some people like the button on the left, some like it on the right side of the screen. There’s pros and cons of any technology and IT people like what they like. Having multiple RMM, PSA, and other products gives Kaseya more ways to satisfy those preferences.”

“Every single module that we buy, every Datto product is going to continue to be supported. We are not going to force people to migrate between products. We’re not going to limit choice.”

“We invest in it, we build it. Datto will be no different.”

“Datto has a kick ass brand. They have legendary customer support. We’re going to continue with that.”

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Channel Futures

From Channel Futures – Kaseya CEO Fred Voccola: ‘We are not eliminating the Datto brand’

“Look at Kaseya’s track record of acquisitions. Throughout each integration, we’ve always kept the brand. We’ve done zero layoffs, and we’ve kept the autonomy of the company that we’ve acquired. Obviously now they are part of Kaseya — we integrate the back-office system, the HR, the finance, etc. But we’ve kept the autonomy and more importantly, we’ve kept the culture of what makes these companies great.”

“We are not in the habit of buying companies and messing with what makes them great. That is not what we want to do, so our plan with Datto is not to do that.”

“We are not eliminating the Datto brand. This deal was done on a growth basis, not on a cost reduction basis. Again, I want to reiterate that we are keeping the Datto brand, and we are supporting all products moving forward. All products.”

“Our goal is to make sure we can give the most affordable option so our MSPs can make the most money. When we buy companies, every single time, our aim is to make the technology more affordable. And we take a lot of pride in that.”

“Datto is staying Datto. One of the compelling reasons why we are buying them is because the company has, undeniably, unbelievable technology. We want to keep that and increase the investment in it.”

“Datto has an awesome culture, particularly around MSPs and making MSP customer success almost a religion. We want to further invest in that religion. That is something we’re going to continue. There are no plans to shut down offices, there are no plans for mass reductions of data employees. That is not why we are buying Datto. We’re buying Datto because we want everything that makes them great. And we don’t plan to change that.”

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“Every time that Kaseya has bought a company, we didn’t leave it alone. We reinforce and invest more. That is the plan with Datto. We don’t lay people off. We keep the brand and culture of the company. … At Kaseya, every company we buy, we keep them great.”

“With Datto, the plan is that we will support all products moving forward – and not to force customers to switch. For companies like Kaseya it might cost us $10-20 million to maintain multiple products in the same space, but that’s still better than ticking off customers. I can also tell you that in every single acquisition that we have ever done, we have made the products more affordable after we bought them – on average 30-40% less expensive.”

“It’s my job to make sure Kaseya offers enough opportunities to the 2,600 incoming Datto employees that they will want to stay.”

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From CRN – Kaseya CEO Fred Voccola: ‘We’re Not Buying Datto To Destroy It’

“We don’t buy companies to gut them for profit. Every acquisition we’ve done, we’ve doubled or tripled or in some cases quintupled the amount of investment in the products and support in the business. We’re not buying Datto to destroy it. We’re buying Datto because we want to get better at that, and Datto is the best, so we buy the best.”

“We’re spending $6.2 billion to buy an awesome company. The last thing that we want to do is make it unawesome. When we buy companies, we buy them for a reason. They’re great. We don’t [mess] with the culture and we don’t change the brand.”

“Every single company that we bought over the last seven and a half years since I’ve been here, we followed the strategy of integrating the products, keeping the culture of the company we bought and investing more in the R&D in support of the companies we bought. We’ve made every product we bought more affordable, and the more affordable the technology is, the more room there is for MSPs to make profit.”

“Will we have two PSAs? Yes, we will. … The financial cost to maintain multiple products in a similar category, it’s not a lot. If it costs an extra $20 [million] or $30 million a year, that number sounds enormous, but it’s nothing for a $1.5 billion company. It’s a lot cheaper than [ticking] off a few thousand customers.”

“Human beings don‘t like change. When change comes, fear, doubt and uncertainty set in. We compete with 200 to 300 different software companies, and every one of our competitors is trying to sow fear, doubt and uncertainty. I don’t blame them. I would do the same thing. I’d be more than happy to talk to anybody. Anybody can reach out and have a conversation with me. We are not going to change what makes [Datto] great. Hopefully we’ll reinforce it and apply what makes them great to other areas of our company, just like we’ll apply things that make IT Glue great to Datto.”

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From CRN – Kaseya CEO Fred Voccola On Kaseya-Datto’s ‘Growth’ Focus, Plans For Datto Products And The MSP Profitability Boost From The Blockbuster Deal

“We don’t buy companies to gut them for profit. Every acquisition we’ve done, we’ve doubled or tripled, in some cases, quintupled the amount of investment in the products and support in the business.”

“I’m not making any statements about Kaseya and Datto being together (due to legal reasons) but every single company that we bought over the last seven-and-a-half years since I’ve been here, we followed the strategy of integrating the products, keeping the culture of the company we bought and investing more in the R&D (research and development) in support of the companies we bought. We’ve made every product we bought more affordable and the more affordable the technology is, the more room there is for MSPs to make profit.”

“I can’t tell you, due to legal reasons, what we will or will not do but I can say that every single acquisition we’ve done, every one of them, we’ve done them all the exact same way. We’ve never raised prices, we’ve done the opposite every single time. Very often the past is the best indication of the future.”

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From CRN – Kaseya CEO Fred Voccola: ConnectWise Investor Thoma Bravo Focused On ‘Cost Reduction’ While We Invest In ‘Growth’

“Insight [Partners] is the private equity firm behind Kaseya, and it’s all about invest, invest, invest The DNA of both companies is growth. It’s a good culture fit. Let’s not cut costs and find ways of saving every penny. Let’s put on big MSP events, let’s invest in our customers, our people, our organization, etc.”

“I feel great. This is super fun. Datto is awesome. As the CEO of a company, when you get the opportunity to pick up several thousand really good people with an awesome brand, I’m excited. I think it’s going to be great. We’re going to learn a ton.”

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Micro Scope

From MicroScope – Kaseya CEO explains the move for Datto

“So, why Datto? First off, Datto is a kick-ass company; it’s synonymous with ‘MSP’. It has a great culture, a great brand, great technology, great products and great people.”

“We are going to support all products of Kaseya and Datto. People say, ‘Well, you’ll have two PSAs [professional services automation], two RMMs [risk management models]’. Yes, we will! We are not planning to force people to migrate or choose one or the other. We’re not going to eliminate the choice, we’re going to give the choice because all products will be supported and all products will be integrated into IT Complete.”

“Every acquisition we’ve done, we’ve done several things. One, we’ve substantially increased the investment in product and R&D [research and development] and we’ve kept the brand. We’ve kept the entire workforce – no layoffs, no mass firings, no office shutdowns. In every case, the executive team of the company we’ve acquired has joined the executive team of Kaseya.”

“Our goal is to take the good and make the whole better. The next year is going to be a lot of fun. Kaseya has a culture where we are customer and employee centric. Over 90% of our managers at Kaseya – manager, director or vice-president – have come from acquisitions and internal promotions. People really like working here. We’re not buying it to change and break it. I think when people initially hear about it, they go, ‘Oh my god, what are they going to change?’. [We’re not going to change] because we love Datto.”

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What MSPs Are Saying About the Datto Deal

“You’re taking two of the best companies out there and bringing them together. Am I missing something? To me, as a customer, it sounds like I’ll be getting the best of both worlds. Bring it!” – Adam Schwam, Sandwire Technology Group

“I think everyone is a winner in this deal. Kaseya and Datto fill in some gaps for each other very nicely and the MSPs are really the bigger winner with a stronger offering at a better price – what more could you want?” – Will Slappey, IT Voice

“This acquisition will provide Thrive with best in breed products from the market leader (Kaseya) making our technology team more efficient and our clients’ experience more rewarding.” – Rob Stephenson, Thrive Networks

“We have been through numerous acquisitions as a customer of Kaseya. In many cases we had high service adoption of the brands acquired including IT Glue, Rapid Fire Tools and ID Agent. Through each of these Kaseya maintained the brands and continued to invest in programs, R&D and community for each of the acquired brands. We expect the same thing to happen with Datto.” – Dan Shapero, TeamLogic IT

“I’m confidant that this acquisition will come with financial benefits through more cost-effective products. If I have to deal with less vendors, that’s less of a headache for me, and I’m sure other MSPs can relate.” – Adam Eiseman, Lloyd Group

“Kaseya’s acquisition of Datto is welcome news, and people just need to tune out the noise. What does this mean for MSPs? It means opportunities – opportunities for more innovation, better products and legendary customer service. I, for one, am excited about this deal!” – Mark Shaw, StoredTech

“If Fred says he’s not discontinuing products, forcing migrations or changing the business model, I believe him. I think we have to give him, and Kaseya, a chance to earn our trust. Why would Kaseya spend that amount of money to destroy a good company and alienate their customers” – Chris Amori, Virtual Administrator

“Bottom line, IMHO, haters gonna hate. It is just the way the world is now. I have been using Kaseya products since 2006 and I have known pretty much the entire management structure of Kaseya 1.0 and Kaseya 3.0 (the current company) and I can say that as an organization, Kaseya is by far the most open and welcoming big company I have ever worked with. Sure, Kaseya is a sales organization with aggressive sales targets, but what big, successful company isn’t?” – Randy Spangler, MERITSolutions

“They care about the MSP channel. We care about the MSP channel,”…“You have two organizations that are focused solely on helping MSPs to market and helping them make more money. It stands to reason that combining those companies into a bigger one with more resources at its disposal is likelier to be good for partners than bad.” – Rob Rae, Datto SVP Business Development

“…No one pays $6 billion for a company to shut it down.” – Jim Turner, Frontline Managed Services

“A lot of pieces of Datto and Kaseya already work together. I think a lot of the integrations will wow people when done. It is important to give the Kaseya-Datto deal time to work. Change brings uncertainty, and uncertainty brings anxiety. But change also brings innovation. And the customer ecosystem is changing so fast.” – Phillip Walker, Network Solutions Provider

“Instead of wringing hands over the post-acquisition future, MSPs should be celebrating it because of the increased innovation that will result. We are in the business as MSPs to support customers. We need better tools faster. We need innovation to stay ahead, and not just to be table stakes. We need security for a changing insecure world.” – Phillip Walker, Network Solutions Provider

“Kaseya deserves the benefit of the doubt as it brings Datto under its umbrella. I’m an optimist. I’m always willing to give people a chance to see what they do. They are probably in a ‘seek-to-understand’ phase with Datto right now. I don’t imagine they are going to just come in and start chopping things up. I’m going to give them the opportunity to keep my business. – Jason Wright, Avatar

“Tekie Geek has been a proud partner of both Datto and Kaseya for numerous years, and I am personally ecstatic for what is to come with the acquisition. As business owners, we know that a company is only as good as the people within the organization, and you work hard to get people of various skills to fill gaps and complement one another. I see this acquisition as just that, there are areas where each organization has its different strengths. I am excited to see how #Datto and Kaseya complement each other, the continuous development of the vast array of products, and more importantly, the blending of the people that make each organization what it is today, amazing partners to the MSP community.” – Mike Bloomfield, President, Tekie Geek

“That is a great move for Kaseya!” – Julius McGee, S5 Networks

“I can’t tell you how grateful I am for having been in the right place at the right time when Kaseya acquired IT Glue. I’ve been able to take my career to new heights under Kaseya’s leadership and I have developed more in the last four years than I did in the 10+ years before that. Kaseya values good people and hard work above anything else, so where there’s a will to succeed, there is undoubtedly a way.” – Holly Pateman, SVP, Kaseya Product Marketing

“I came to Kaseya as part of the ID Agent acquisition. From day one, Kaseya preserved the existing culture from ID Agent and its integration was executed seamlessly. I immediately transitioned into a leadership role at Kaseya, and for me, there is nothing more rewarding than working for a company that supports your professional growth.” – Dana Liedholm, SVP, Kaseya Corporate Marketing