ID Agent Adds Timely 3-in-1 Identity and Access Management Solution Passly to New Digital Risk Protection Platform

The flexible, comprehensive and cost-effective platform provides layered security to MSPs and multifunction IT teams at companies of all sizes

BOWIE, Md. and NEW YORK — April 22, 2020ID Agent, a Kaseya company and leading provider of Dark Web monitoring and security awareness training solutions, today added Passly, a full-featured, integrated secure identity and access management solution, to its Digital Risk Protection (DRP) Platform. Passly combines single sign-on (SSO), multi-factor authentication (MFA) and password management into one flexible, comprehensive and integrated solution for Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and multifunction IT teams at companies of any size.

With the mass migration to remote workforces due to the novel coronavirus pandemic, today’s companies require a secure identity and access management solution to guard their systems and data against cyberattacks. Transitioning to a remote workforce introduces increased potential for mistakes, strains an already overworked IT staff and creates openings for cyberattacks. Passly ensures that the correct, authorized users can securely access their organization’s resources from any device and any location, making it an ideal solution for a remote workforce. From automated employee onboarding and provisioning to one-click offboarding, Passly unifies multiple security capabilities into one tool for ease of use.

“The threat of cyberattacks has never been greater, as most businesses are now faced with developing secure remote workplace options for both their internal employees and for their own customers,” said Kevin Lancaster, General Manager of Security Solutions at Kaseya and founder of ID Agent. “At ID Agent, we know that stolen or hacked passwords are the leading cause of data breaches. We’re proud to add Passly to our DRP solution at such a pivotal time, so that businesses can quickly, easily and affordably secure and manage their remote workforces.”

Passly’s Features

Available now, Passly detects exposures in real time to determine all compromised credentials. IT administrators can use this information to require all users to change their password behaviors, and enforce MFA to access users’ machines and third-party applications.

ID Agent will continue to add enhanced workflow capabilities to the platform, including automated responses to newly discovered compromises and optimized password updates to prevent users from changing their password to one that is known to be compromised. The second iteration of Passly, available in early Q3, will allow customers to identify which employees’ passwords have been compromised and deploy remedying security measures at the individual level, rather than across the entire organization.

“Passly is intelligently designed, workflow-enabled and proven at scale. It allows our customers to operate more efficiently, securely and successfully, all while saving money,” said Lancaster.

“With the addition of Passly, our users are now equipped with the most comprehensive solution on the market to keep their operations and remote workforces secure.”

Passly and ID Agent’s DRP Solution

As the latest addition to ID Agent’s DRP platform, Passly joins other award-winning products, such as Dark Web ID, the channel’s number one dark web monitoring platform, and BullPhish ID, a first-of-its-kind phishing simulator and security awareness training platform. ID Agent now provides the most comprehensive DRP solution for any organization to protect and respond to actionable insight and mitigate disruption.

Features of ID Agent’s DRP solution include:

  • Security Awareness Training and Phishing Testing: Regular repetition of concepts helps change risky behavior and increase cyber awareness. The current version includes timely coronavirus-specific training kits.
  • Secure Password Server: Shared enterprise-level Password Vaults allow technologists to easily manage and store passwords for business, personal or shared accounts in one centralized location.
  • Single Sign-On: With Passly’s SSO feature, ID Agent DRP users can securely streamline access to third-party tools and critical business applications. They can access a library of more than 1,000 pre-configured applications or configure their own.
  • Multi-factor Authentication: ID Agent’s DRP platform provides seamless user provisioning with intuitive Active Directory sync and flexible customization options. Users can select their preferred authentication methods, such as push notifications, one-time passwords or Universal Second Factor (U2F) devices.
  • Cost Savings: ID Agent’s DRP solution can save users up to 90% when they switch from other solutions. This is because the tools in this full-featured, integrated platform perform the same security functionalities that normally require multiple applications — all from just one solution. Users can limit their time spent moving between applications and subsequently increase productivity and save costs with ID Agent’s DRP solution.
  • Dark Web Credential Alerts: With Dark Web ID, administrators can monitor for compromised user credentials on their domain. This gives administrators visibility into and actionable insights on the current status of their systems, which helps them identify potential vulnerabilities and better protect against the dangers of Dark Web exposure.
  • Audit and Compliance Capabilities: Whether it be HIPAA, PCI-DSS, CJIS or FFIECC, ID Agent’s DRP platform helps users meet regulatory challenges and ensure compliance for their next audit.

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