Kaseya Products

With flexible pricing, optional delivery methods, industry-specific functionality and scalability for your IT operations, Kaseya can provide you a solution that best matches your needs today and into the future.

Deliver Proactive Enterprise-Class IT Services Through Systems Automation

As an IT Professional, you carry the responsibility of maintaining the very lifeline of a company through the availability of the IT systems. You are ultimately accountable for the IT budget, business alignment, status reporting and corporate IT compliance. Despite the challenges of ever growing hybrid technologies you must continue to offer the business:

  • Exceptional Service Levels
  • Proactive, Process-Driven Services
  • Increased Staff Productivity
  • Improved Systems Availability and Expectations
  • Expanded IT Service Options
  • Focus on Strategic Initiatives

Kaseya is the ultimate solution for automating recurring IT task, managing hybrid cloud networks and securing systems. With Kaseya, IT professionals can offer exceptional IT service capabilities through automated service delivery. And, with optional configurations to match business needs, Corporate IT departments and Managed Service Providers of all sizes can experience the rewards of IT automation.

Kaseya 6.5 VSA interface

Kaseya 6.5 VSA interface

You can accomplish this with a complete, secure, reliable and full service IT Systems Management Solution that will meet your needs today and provide the scalability you need for the future.

Kaseya Solutions

Kaseya Virtual System Administrator


The latest release of Kaseya Virtual System Administrator (VSA) represents a leap forward in performance, usability, functionality and value for IT professionals while further strengthening Kaseya’s commitment to deliver Enterprise class IT systems management for everybody.

Kaseya Traverse Monitoring


Utilize the industry’s leading cloud service monitoring and management platform for your environment. Don’t just monitor, get to the bottom of problems via root cause analysis. Finally get a handle on your private, public, and hybrid cloud environments and demonstrate adherence to your service level agreements.

On-Premises Products


The Kaseya Server is the central component issuing schedule-based instructions to Kaseya agents. All communication to the Kaseya Server is initiated from a Kaseya agent outbound, allowing you to access agents from inside and outside your network securely. The On-Premises solutions gives you your own private system allowing complete control.

Cloud Offerings


The Kaseya cloud infrastructure offers the highest standards of security, availability and power offered in the market today. Our environment is certified as PCI DSS compliant and meets SAS 70 Type II requirements essential for companies subject to Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA and GLBA.

BYOD Suite


The Kaseya BYOD Suite offers a unique containerization approach, segmenting corporate data and access from personal data and the rest of the device, making corporate control of enterprise system access complete, while leaving the employee’s personal device and data untouched.


Kaseya Customer Services

Kaseya Customer Services offers a range of resources to provide education and assistance in the implementation and operation of the Kaseya IT Automation Framework.