Kaseya Connect Global 2024 Day Two Recap: Embracing AI and Autonomous Automation

As we wrapped up another exhilarating day at Kaseya Connect Global 2024 in Las Vegas, the spotlight was firmly on the transformative power of AI and automation in IT. The day was filled with insightful sessions, but a few in particular showcased the future of IT and security management through the lens of cutting-edge artificial intelligence and autonomous processes.

Harnessing AI and autonomous automation in IT management

During the session “IT & Security Management of Tomorrow, Today with AI and Autonomous Automation,” led by Nadir Merchant, General Manager and CTO at Kaseya, we delved into the rapid evolution of AI within IT. This isn’t just about keeping pace with technology; it’s about setting the stage for a future where AI not only enhances operational efficiency but also pioneers new avenues for innovation and service delivery. Nadir highlighted the integration capabilities of Kaseya’s IT Complete, demonstrating how owning the entire IT toolkit enables seamless, effective integrations that outpace third-party solutions. He also explored the extensive range of workflow integrations available in IT Complete, which currently exceed 1,500. To simplify usage, Kaseya has curated two critical lists for its users: the “Essential 20 Automations” and the “Core 50 Integrations.” 

This session also underscored the shift toward a more proactive and predictive IT management framework, leveraging the following automation categories:

  • True-Sync: This category of automations eliminates the manual effort required to maintain updated information across various IT Complete modules. It automatically synchronizes data to ensure consistency and accuracy throughout your IT management system.
  • One Deploy: One Deploy streamlines the deployment of IT infrastructures and manages licensing more efficiently. It automates the processes involved in setting up and maintaining an IT fleet, including software and hardware deployment and license management.
  • Endpoint Shortcut: This category of automations enhances the navigation experience within IT management modules by creating intentional, direct connections. This automation makes it easier for users to access related functionalities quickly and efficiently without navigating through multiple interfaces.
  • SmartLook: SmartLook delivers necessary information directly to technicians, wherever they are, eliminating the need to search through systems or databases. By bringing information directly to the user’s interface, SmartLook significantly reduces time spent on information retrieval.
  • SafeCheck: SafeCheck ensures that devices comply with established IT policies before any critical actions are taken. This automation checks and verifies compliance status to maintain security and operational standards across an IT environment.

Another highlight from this session was the emphasis on IT Glue’s newest feature, IT Glue Copilot, a groundbreaking AI tool designed to enhance IT documentation through smart suggestions and automated asset management. IT Glue Copilot will introduce a new level of efficiency and productivity to IT professionals, proving to be a vital tool in the AI-driven transformation of IT services.

Enhancing backup and recovery with intelligent automation

During the “Automate Your Way to Better Backup & Recovery” session at Kaseya Connect Global 2024, Matthew Brady, Senior Solutions Engineer, and Adam Marget, Product Marketing Manager, both specializing in Unified Backup, highlighted how automation and AI are transforming the backup and recovery landscape. This session emphasized the critical role of advanced technologies in overcoming the challenges posed by today’s complex IT environments, where multi-cloud solutions and hybrid work models are prevalent, and human error contributes to 74% of security breaches.

The introduction of BackupIQ, an intelligence engine for backup and recovery, stood out. This tool automates the management of backups across multiple platforms, ensuring quick recovery within service level agreements and enhancing data security. Features like automated hourly backups for Microsoft Azure and intelligent disaster recovery plans streamline operations and reduce the risk of data loss. BackupIQ also utilizes AI-driven alerts to prioritize issues that threaten compliance with recovery objectives, customizing alert responses based on backup policies. The session also covered self-healing technologies within the Unitrends framework, such as Helix, which proactively resolves system issues to maintain backup integrity without human intervention.

The integration of smart ticketing with BMS and Autotask was also highlighted as a key factor in operational efficiency. This system automates the creation and resolution of tickets based on backup alerts, further reducing the manual workload and aligning with the theme of leveraging automation and AI to enhance IT operations.

Diverse expertise and dynamic discussions

Day two of this year’s Kaseya Connect Global featured an impressive lineup of speakers ranging from industry leaders to technical experts, each bringing a unique perspective to the forefront. Brendan Hunt, best known as Coach Beard from the Apple TV+ sitcom “Ted Lasso,” delivered the Guest Keynote to a standing-room only audience. In addition to his role on screen, Hunt is also a co-creator and writer of the show. He infused humor and creativity into the discussion to share insights about team management and leadership. Other sessions covered a wide array of topics, such as cybersecurity strategies, IT marketing tactics and advanced integrations, reflecting the diverse challenges and opportunities within the IT industry today.

Engagement and entertainment: Beyond the sessions

Amidst the packed schedule of sessions and workshops, Kaseya Connect Global also offered plenty of opportunities for relaxation and networking. Attendees enjoyed coffee breaks and casual meetups between sessions, which provided a great environment for mingling and sharing ideas. The highlight of Wednesday’s social agenda was the much-anticipated Rock IT Party. This event offered not just a chance to unwind but also an opportunity to celebrate our collective achievements and forge deeper connections within the Kaseya community in a festive, enjoyable setting.

Looking ahead

In conclusion, day two at Kaseya Connect Global was not only a deep dive into how AI and autonomous automation are reshaping the IT landscape but also a celebration of community and innovation. It provided a clear view of a future where technology not only supports but also drives business strategy and operations, ensuring that IT departments and the businesses they support are always one step ahead. As we continue to explore these themes, stay tuned for more updates and highlights from Kaseya Connect Global 2024!

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