The Power of Video Marketing for MSPs: How to Create Engaging Videos That Drive Traffic and Conversions

Is your MSP leveraging the power of video marketing? If not, you should consider it. The reason is simple: Video marketing allows you to reach a massive audience. 

Think about it. What content do you consume the most in your free time? If you’re like most internet users, it’s video. Around 82% of all consumer internet traffic is video. While customers consume other types of content, including blog posts, whitepapers and eBooks, video content is crucial to increasing customer and prospect engagement. 

However, before you go and purchase a bunch of expensive equipment to build your studio, there are a couple of things you should consider. 

You don’t have to be Steven Spielberg to get started 

Video content doesn’t have to be more challenging to produce than other types of content. The barrier to entry is low, and while you don’t need to create movie-level quality videos, they can still look nice and bring in a large number of views. You probably already have a decent camera on your phone, so you can easily use that to get things going. It also helps to choose a nice-looking area with good lighting (lighting is probably the most important), and editing should take care of the rest.  

There are countless ways to cut and edit videos. Some simple best practices for editing an informational video include showing clips relevant to what you’re talking about every few seconds and cutting back to you talking every so often. Don’t overthink it! Chances are, you already intuitively understand how long it takes to make most clips. Think about your video from the viewer’s perspective. What would you like to watch or see in an online video? 

Lights, camera, action 

To be successful with video marketing, you must generate content that resonates with your audience. Ideally, you must entertain and add value. Your content will likely be successful if you can accomplish both with your video.  

Also, your tone in these videos should be relatable and human (avoid sounding like a robot!). One of the reasons why video content is so popular is its ability to connect with the audience. Chances are you’re excited about aspects of your work, and genuinely showing that excitement can make your content far more interesting. 

How should you format your videos? Some good ideas for your videos include tutorials, explorations of your company culture or explainer videos of a concept you have come to understand through your work.  

Additionally, do you want to increase website traffic or encourage prospects to download a marketing asset or follow your social media accounts? Consider incorporating a call to action (CTA) into your videos. A CTA can help you determine whether your content resonates with your audience.  

While you can get by without video marketing, you’d miss the opportunity to connect with a massive audience. Making video content visually, auditorily and conceptually intriguing will be a huge win for your MSP marketing strategy. 

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