Thoughts and takeaways from Kaseya Sales Kickoff 2019

Miami conference is Kaseya’s first big internal event since recent acquisitions

Earlier this month, I had the privilege of being part of Kaseya’ global Sales Kickoff (SKO) conference, which Kaseya themed as “IT Complete.”  It was my first Kaseya conference in the third week of my new job, and what a week it was. Great keynotes, company vision and strategy, valuable demos and some very informative sessions.

I always enjoy internal conferences, as much if not more than external trade shows because internal events like sales kickoffs take a passionate approach in addressing the question: “how can we help our customers with their challenges?” They also offer a chance to hang out with a very large group of folks that “get it.” And internal events let you hear the unfiltered vision directly from the executives to the foundational narratives that the field is being equipped to carry forth with consistency.

So, what was the takeaway? Kaseya is focused on helping you build a lean, less-complicated IT machine, one that balances high productivity with minimal overhead. As Kaseya CEO, Fred Voccola iterated on stage, “2019 is going to be the year of IT Complete.”

And that brings us to the new Kaseya and our IT Complete vision. Everyone in the new Kaseya family is focused not just on remote monitoring and management (VSA), or Professional Services Automation (BMS), data protection, compliance, IT documentation, or any “product” per se. We are focused on solutions and outcomes that are powered by the entire Kaseya portfolio, which is so smart! 

One-stop shop to build a digital future

Digital transformation is fundamentally changing how every business in every industry is built and operated. Kaseya reflects the increasing need of IT practitioners to have a one-stop shop for the essential infrastructure they need to build their digital future, transform IT, and manage their most important asset and information.

For more than two decades, Kaseya has had a market-leading roster of MSP and enterprise solutions in the areas of endpoint management. However, we have recently invested heavily in solutions that integrate and expand our customers’ capability with a portfolio we call IT Complete. Our mission is to help transform the IT infrastructure through solutions unification, enabling our customers to command centrally, manage complexity, and automate fully.

Growth through acquisitions

Kaseya is growing by leaps and bounds. One key reason is recent acquisitions, which have undoubtedly positioned Kaseya to compete better in the marketplace. However, one clear goal the executive team made clear is to provide a comprehensive platform that allows our customers every type of technology consumption. Acquisition is clearly a key strategy for bringing those capabilities in-house. It’s a strategy that many of our customers say is beginning to pay off.

Bringing together its award-winning portfolio of companies and solutions, Kaseya delivers the latest emerging trends and technology. During the event, experts from Kaseya, Spanning, IT Glue, RapidFire Tools, and Unitrends demonstrated the connected ecosystem of IT infrastructure, applications, security, compliance, and data protection that can enable real transformation across organizations.


The recent acquisitions are already showing signs of increased innovation and synergy. We are determined to wow the tech world with a few game-changing product launches this year, as well as highlight the significant economies of scale expected from the mergers.

A bright future

I’m proud of what I both saw and heard at Kaseya SKO 2019. There was a lot of excitement and optimism regarding Kaseya’ outlook and vision for the future. Everyone was excited about the tremendous opportunities ahead, sure to result in better products, solutions, and value for our customers and partners.

For me, now it’s back to the grind in helping customers solve real challenges with comprehensive solutions, and a vision to help them better utilize their IT infrastructure.

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