Why Cybersecurity Awareness Month is a Golden Opportunity for MSPs

Cybersecurity Awareness Month is not just another calendar event for managed services providers (MSPs). It’s a strategic opportunity to educate customers, reinforce security measures, and, hopefully, ward off cyber threats. A well-executed marketing campaign during this period can make you stand out in a crowded market and equip your clients with the tools they need to stay secure.

While many MSPs leverage Cybersecurity Awareness Month to engage with customers, they often miss the mark by not making it interactive or enjoyable. As a result, customer participation tends to be low. MSPs should view this month as a golden opportunity to promote cybersecurity awareness and do so in a way that truly resonates with and involves their customer base.

Ultimately, doing Cybersecurity Awareness Month differently helps garner customer buy-in and sets you apart from your competitors.

But to execute correctly, you need a plan.

Don’t Delay: Seize Your Opportunity Before It’s Gone
MSPs that delay taking action risk missing out on the opportunity that Cybersecurity Awareness Month offers. Avoid throwing everything together at the last minute. Planning in advance, promoting the event, and carefully curating the content can help you make the most out of this occasion. Ensure everyone in your organization is on board and has a role in executing your plan. Create assets ahead of time and ensure you schedule everything ahead of time to avoid forgetting key components of your campaign. Use Cybersecurity Awareness Month to your advantage. 

Turning Cybersecurity Awareness Month into a Memorable Learning Journey for Customers
Adding fun elements to cybersecurity awareness month can make learning about cybersecurity enjoyable for your customers. For instance, you could host a “Spot the Phishing Email” contest, where participants submit fake emails for analysis or engage customers in a lively cyber trivia game. Incentivizing these activities with prizes makes them more appealing and encourages your clients to take proactive steps in bolstering their cybersecurity. Furthermore, interactive tools like word searches, crossword puzzles, and even coloring books or informative videos can serve as enjoyable yet educational means to underscore the significance of cybersecurity.

Distinguishing Yourself in a Competitive Market
MSPs should consider their unique selling points and find ways to showcase them during Cybersecurity Awareness Month. This is where you can differentiate yourself from your competitors. For instance, if you’re offering penetration testing, something many MSPs aren’t doing, then showcase how it benefits your customers and why it’s necessary in today’s environment. While you don’t want to come off too “salesy,” there’s nothing wrong with educating your customers on the issue.

Cybersecurity Awareness Month offers an unparalleled platform to demonstrate this commitment to your customers. By planning ahead, adding interactive and enjoyable elements, and focusing on what makes your services unique, you can transform this month into a memorable, educational journey for your clients.

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