Case Study

DTS IT Services Leverages BMS to Achieve Greater Efficiency and Scalability


Since the start of DTS IT services, Anthony has used Autotask, and then ConnectWise, as their PSA tool. “Although both tools had their merits, they weren’t scalable. It was impossible to get a hold of anybody and pricing was getting out of hand. I was wasting a lot of time trying to make the system work for my business with Autotask and it would have cost me a fortune to get up to speed. Whereas with ConnectWise, it was always trying to upsell me on additional consulting hours, products and services, and I expected more out of the system.” — Anthony


DTS IT Services


DTS IT services is an IT service and consulting company that helps small to medium-sized businesses in the Greater Toronto area. Anthony Di Franco is the founder and CEO and grew from managing 15-20 accounts to over 60+ accounts in around five years.

I am so happy I made this decision, but I was super nervous in the beginning. I had 60+ contracts, two full-time technicians who have been using Connectwise for two years, and there were so many moving parts. Migration was seamless and I was able to keep my BitDefender’s policies intact. Looking back, if I had to do this all over again, I would do it in a heartbeat. Anthony

Achieve Greater Scalability with BMS:

As DTS IT services continues to grow, they need a system that can continue to adapt and grow, has the ability to set up a new customer in minutes, and has tight integrations with their tech stack. DTS IT services were evaluating Autotask, N-able and BMS, and chose BMS as their tool.

According to Anthony, “BMS was very easy to set up. I was able to onboard a new customer in under 10 minutes. With ConnectWise, it took me a lot of time to create a simple agreement. It didn’t give me much customization and there were too many checkboxes. Many times, I have to wait for things to load as it was really clunky and there was a lot of manual work I had to do to maintain the product.”

“BMS on the other hand is very straightforward. It is super powerful, fast, and has good custom workflows and synchronization. Adding charges is easy and invoices just fly out automatically. The response time is great in BMS. It’s easy to log time and do time entries. I especially like the granular workflow rules within BMS. If I wanted to set up something like this in ConnectWise, it would have cost me thousands of dollars to set it up.” — Anthony