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Case Study

The All-New Kaseya Fusion Mobile App Is Here!


MeritSolutions is a managed service provider (MSP) based in Chesapeake, Virginia. It provides managed IT services to general practitioners. With about 11 employees, MeritSolutions is a member of the advisory council for Kaseya BMS and Kaseya VSA.


Merit Solutions
Hampton Roads


Founded back in 1982, the company has been in operation for about 38 years and specializes in providing its clients with enterprise-level IT services and solutions at prices that work for small businesses.

From servers and network infrastructure to computers, workstations and mobile devices, MERIT Solutions provides end-to-end solutions for all their clients’ technology needs.

"I would recommend the Kaseya Fusion Mobile App to others. It is working well for me. There are definitely great advantages that I found after using this integrated mobile application. It has improved the way I handle and manage my tickets. Many MSPs will benefit from this. I'm glad Kaseya came up with this" Larry RobertsonChief Technical Officer


  • Time-consuming ticket management.
  • Inability to access relevant information quickly.
  • Tracking technician's work and reviewing it.
  • Having to be at the desk to manage tickets.

Randy Spangler, President of MeritSolutions, is responsible for the overall leadership and profitability of the company, partnership strategy, long-term vision and goal execution, and direct management of C-Suite executives.

Before using the Kaseya Fusion Mobile App, MeritSolutions needed a strategic and trustworthy solution partner. They wanted a tool that could help them with their routine IT tasks such as ticketing and IT documentation.

That’s when MeritSolutions tried the Kaseya Fusion Mobile App. An app that seamlessly integrates VSA (RMM tool) with BMS (PSA tool) in a single mobile console. This app helps IT technicians resolve IT tickets and monitor the endpoints of their customers in real-time from anywhere. Thanks to the Kaseya Fusion Mobile App, a technician will no longer be required to be at the desk to put off IT fires.


  • Create, view, assign, track, and manage all your service tickets on the go.
  • Capture notes, view time entries and attachments from your mobile device.
  • Enjoy real-time visibility of your IT environment.
  • Quickly access relevant information using your mobile device

Larry Robertson, Chief Technical Officier, MeritSolutions, stated that with the Kaseya Fusion Mobile App, they are now able to review and resolve all tickets on the go. Missing a ticket is no longer an issue. They are now using the app extensively for ticket management and documentation. They feel it is great to have two tools integrated into one mobile application. The company has also seen an increase in productivity. They do not even have to wait for the technician to resolve IT tickets.

He further stated that his efficiency as a manager has increased after they started using the app. He is now able to track the productivity of his staff and can also check if his new team is following the right procedures.

“There is no delay in resolving tickets as there is no need to have to go to the computer to do so. We are able to multitask now” added Larry.

What’s next for the team?

MeritSolutions’s experience with Kaseya has been great. Larry remarks “I love the app. I used to call my office frequently to get IT-related information, but now I can get the information I need on my mobile device in just a few minutes. I’m using the mobile application extensively for BMS and I’m able to resolve about 30 to 40 tickets on the go without being at my desk.

While there are many IT solution providers out there, I’m glad Kaseya is doing something like this. I would recommend others to use the Kaseya Fusion Mobile App.”