The Complete IT Systems Management Solution for Retail

Investing in a highly scalable pro-active IT asset management system will be vital for leveraging your existing IT equipment while preparing for the inclusion of new devices and solutions.

More Effectively Leverage Your Retail IT Infrastructure

Retail runs on IT. Your business comes to a standstill every minute a point-of-sale (POS) system is down. Whether you have an omnichannel strategy or are strictly brick-and-mortar, Kaseya enables you and your IT team to work more efficiently by offloading time-consuming manual maintenance into automatic processes.

  • With Kaseya, you increase availability of all devices, including kiosks and point-of-sale, while improving security and compliance processes
  • Remotely update systems patches and software updates
  • Monitor and manage compliance and security requirements

Greatly Reduce On-Site Endpoint Management and Downtime

More than 60% of retail IT departments have issues that require on-site visits. Drastically reduce this percentage with Kaseya’s remote endpoint management capabilities. Even better, Kaseya’s automation and policy management translates into a lower risk of unplanned downtime for any device.

  • Automatically identify and update systems that are inefficient or out of compliance
  • Fast, reliable remote endpoint management even over high latency networks or behind firewalls
  • Identify and resolve IT issues before they cascade into crises

Complete Audit and Asset Inventory Information

Information seems to be everywhere, but never where you need it. Don’t spend time manually cobbling together reports from different systems. Kaseya automatically collects and updates information from all devices – including ones that non-retail people have never heard of.

  • Discover and audit every device and service wherever they are, with full operational details
  • Easily fulfill scheduled and ad hoc reporting needs
  • Make PCI compliance and audits a breeze with real-time infrastructure visibility
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Kaseya is a mission-critical tool for our company, enabling aggressive growth.”

The scalability and automated functionality of the Kaseya solution gives Safe Systems a reliable and robust IT management platform. As a result of meeting its aggressive growth goals, Safe Systems has reported a 37 percent increase in new customer sales. Most importantly, this growth has occurred without the company having to add staff, dramatically increasing profit margins.

Curt Frierson, Executive VP of Technology and Education

With Kaseya the only limitations are the confines of your imagination.”

Kaseya’s Automation Platform now underpins Knowledge I.T’s flagship OneTouch service to monitor and manage the networks of its 70 plus managed service customers. The Kaseya system has allowed Knowledge I.T to transform its service from reactive, to truly proactive network monitoring – enabling the MSP to identify and rectify incidents before any service disruption occurs.

Mike Hoy
Service Director, Knowledge I.T