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Today’s MSPs are growing and highly profitable, but also face unprecedented competition and feel margin-pressured. Kaseya’s mission is you. We succeed only when you succeed!

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The most successful MSPs have a “secret-sauce” that sets them apart. As the Services Director, you seek unique capability, power and control so you can architect premiums offerings for your MSP. Regardless your specific network’s obstacle, Kaseya’s Unified Growth Platform has a the right set of solutions for you. And Kaseya is committed to extensibility so you can continue to integrate and expand.

  • RMM: manage every endpoint
  • Security: build a layered security model
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery: recover from any disaster
  • Office 365 Backup: protect data in the cloud
  • Compliance: prove measurable risk reduction

Exceed Your SLAs

Kaseya One aggregates and visualizes data across your Kaseya environment in a role-based dashboard so you can instantly see everything that impacts your business, all in a Single Pane of Glass.

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DataPrise Case Study

Featured Case Study


Dataprise was challenged to find unique service delivery opportunities in order to foster growth in the extremely competitive MSP market. They needed advanced automation so company engineers could move beyond day-to-day activities and work on more impactful business projects

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