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Take Control of AWS, Azure, and Google Clouds with a Unified Public Cloud Management Suite

Manage AWS, Azure and Google clouds by eliminating complexities and unifying cloud management. Unigma makes cloud management easy, helping you control cloud spend and making your reseller cloud billing process easier.

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Unigma Public Clouds

Bring Clarity to the Cloud

Monitor and Manage Public Clouds at Scale

Gain valuable insights on usage and optimization of all your virtual machines across AWS, Azure and Google Clouds. With Unigma you’ll get actionable data on which of your VMs are under-utilized, and recommendations on how to save real dollars on your cloud infrastructure. Make better, more intelligent decisions about which VMs to keep, which to ditch, and which to scale-down.

Unified Management

Bring your public clouds into a single management platform. Analyze key metrics relating to your AWS, Google, or Azure clouds, and setup smart alerts and policies relating to performance. With built in automation and scheduling you can easily execute tasks from one place.

Analyze & Control Costs

Gain valuable insights into cost saving opportunities that exist in your Public Cloud. Unigma measures the usage of the cloud over time and compares your use with other available subscription plans – highlighting areas where you can save significant dollars.

Streamline Cloud Billing

Cloud billing for re-sellers can be a serious operational pain point. With Unigma you’ll be able to automate the billing for Office365, AWS, and Azure – taking the manual back office overhead out of managing cloud services. Save time and reduce billing errors.


See What’s Possible With Unigma

Unigma’s three modules make public cloud management easy, helping you control and lower cloud spend and making your re-seller cloud billing process easier.

Cloud Cost Optimizer

Optimize your cloud spend by lowering your costs through measuring resource utilization. Provides intelligent advice on right-sizing your cloud resources

Cloud Manager

Monitor your public clouds at scale, using API-level metrics for AWS, Azure, and Google. Get setup quickly and automate routine tasks from a unified view

Cloud Billing Manager

Capture re-seller revenue with ease by automating the complexities of billing for Microsoft CSP and AWS re-seller accounts


Public Cloud Management

Integrated with Your PSA

Unigma allows you to instantly integrate with best of breed PSA and Service Desk solutions such as Kaseya BMS, Autotask, and Connectwise. Connect your Unigma customers via API, and instantly open and close tickets, and append resolution to external systems.

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